What are Some Standard Home Inspection Forms?

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Home inspection forms are used by many inspectors as a guide when on a tour of a home. These forms can also be used to report the findings of the home tour to the real estate agent and homeowner. The home inspector will often use the same forms for both an existing home tour and a new home inspection. The home inspection forms used may vary based on the location of the home and local rules and regulations.

A home inspection is often required by the lender before the sale of a home is finalized. The results of this home inspection will often determine whether the mortgage on the home is approved. A new home inspection may not be required, but is often advised since building errors can lead to costly repairs in a new home. The most commonly used home inspection forms include the home inspection services agreement, home inspection checklist, and the home inspection report form.

The home inspection services agreement will often be required before a tour of the home can begin. This agreement may release the home inspector from any responsibility for defects occurring in the home as a result of the inspection. For instance, if the inspector removes a roof panel to an attic and the panel breaks, the liability falls to the homeowner. The agreement may also discuss the cost of the home inspection service to the homeowner.


A home inspection checklist tends to be the most important of home inspection forms. This checklist will guide the professional home inspection. Some topics that could be included on this form are structural elements of the home, exterior evaluation, and electrical components. While there are general areas of the home to cover, the home inspection checklist could be changed based on local needs. For instance, if a home is located in an area close to the ocean, the inspection may include checking the stilts that elevate the home, which would be unique to that area.

After the conclusion of the home inspection, the results will often be fed into a home inspection software. This computer program may print out a home inspection report form that will be given to the homeowner. Depending on the home inspection report form used, copies may also be printed for the inspector and real estate agent, if applicable. These home inspection forms will often be kept on file by the inspector, as a guide if future inspections are needed.


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Post 2

@ElizaBennett - I had good luck with our home inspection, too. We actually had three to buy one house! The first buyers backed out, and then the report on the second house was so bad that we backed out. (Extensive water damager, like your mom and dad got burned on.)

A lot of people don't realize that it's just as important to get a home inspection for a new home as for a "used" one. An existing home has at least been field-tested, so to speak. But with a new home, it's important to get an inspection to make sure the builders didn't cut any corners, everything is up to code, etc.

Sometimes all the details of a new house are just as shiny as can be, but the structure is junk. A good home inspector will keep you out of that nightmare!

Post 1

In general, you should look for a home inspector who issues a long, narrative report. You might even ask for a sample of the home inspection form or report s/he uses to make sure that you've found an inspector who gives a lot of information. My parents used a home inspector who issued a fairly short report.

A long report is no guarantee, of course, but at least it's informative. The information from my home inspection helped us know what maintenance and so on we needed to do for years to come.

And my parents? Their inspector missed some serious water damage that costs tens of thousands of dollars to fix. Sure, they complained and got their four hundred bucks back from the inspection. Big deal.

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