What are Some Snow Activities?

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Whether participating in snow sports or just playing in the snow, snow activities can be fun and energizing. People of all ages and abilities can enjoy snow activities in the fresh outdoor beauty of a crisp, white winter day. Some popular snow activities include downhill skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sledding and snowball fighting.

Snowball fighting can be one of the most fun snow activities. Family members and friends can divide into two teams and each build a snowball fort, or wall of snow, then each team uses their fort to help deflect snowballs from the other team. It should prove to be fun when snowballs find their way around the forts. Warming up with hot chocolate is a great way to end the "fight."

Sledding down snowy hills is one of the most popular snow activities. A sled with steering is usually considered safer than a toboggan. For safety, sledders should be sitting on a sled and not on their stomachs in a head first position.

Cross country skiing is one of the best snow activities for aerobic fitness as both the arms and legs receive a simultaneous workout. It is low impact enough for many ages and fitness levels if done on easier terrain. Even children can usually begin cross country skiing as toddlers. Special sit and ski sleds can include disabled skiers in cross country snow activities as well.


Snowshoe parks usually have both beginner and intermediate trails with snowshoes available for rent. Beginners and children can usually find leisurely snowshoe tours for great family snow activities. Intermediate snowshoe tours are perfect snow activities for those who are physically fit as the terrain often includes mountain peaks.

Downhill skiing is one of the most difficult and challenging snow activities. The G force created when skiing downhill can cause a person to feel as though he or she weighs three and a half times more than his or her actual weight. Strong legs are needed in downhill skiing and negotiating turns takes both mental and physical dexterity. Many downhill experts note that controlling the skis, poles, and other ski equipment while skiing downhill is difficult and takes practice to get used to. Downhill skiing is also called alpine skiing.


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It's interesting to live in an area that usually doesn't get much snow during an average winter. When a significant snow storm does hit, a lot of children discover all of these snow activities for the first time. I'll see kids having snowball fights and making snow angels. A bridges' underpass will become a sledding track. There will be small snowmen in every yard. I grew up doing all of those things, but some kids in this part of the country could grow up without ever setting foot on a sled or making snow cream.

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