What are Some Sleepover Party Ideas?

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Sleepover parties are parties where kids stay up all night playing games, eating snacks, and giggling. Many people have fond memories of attending a sleepover where they shared secrets with friends and played games like Truth or Dare. If a parent wants to plan a slumber party for her child, there are endless sleepover party ideas to make the event a success.

One game that is perfect for a sleepover is a musical sleeping bag game. In this particular activity, the guests' sleeping bags are arranged in a wide circle around the floor. The bags should be arranged so that there are enough bags for every child but one.

Music is played, and the party guests walk or dance around the circle of bags. When the music stops without warning, each guest scrambles inside a sleeping bag. The guest who isn't quick enough to slip inside one of the bags is out of the game. Continue to remove one bag each time a person is declared out. The activity continues until there is a winner. This is just one of hundreds of sleepover party ideas a parent can use to make a memorable party for kids.


Personalized paper dolls are another interesting idea for a child's sleepover. Before the night of the party, print out templates of a paper doll from the Internet on card stock. When the guests arrive, snap a picture of each child's face with a digital camera. Print the pictures out and have the kids cut out their own faces. Each guest can glue her picture to the body of the paper doll template. All the kids use construction paper to make designer outfits for their personalized paper doll.

Another example of sleepover party ideas is to have the kids play a game called Time's Running Out. Use a common kitchen timer and set the time for about five minutes. The majority of the children leave the room so one of the other guests can hide the timer. After the timer is hidden, the guests return. The goal is to locate the timer before it goes off. Whoever finds the timer before it goes off receives a small prize and the chance to hide the timer. If no one is able to locate it before it rings, the person who hid it gets the prize.

Other sleepover party ideas include decorating t-shirts, pillow cases, and slippers. Take a trip to the craft store and find non-toxic paints. Then let the kids use the paint to make their own special sleepover craft.

Sleepovers are ideal for organizing scavenger hunts as well. Guests follow written clues that lead to inexpensive prizes or goody bags. Creative people may want to design treasure maps that guests can follow to find the hidden prizes. It's important to have enough prizes for each child attending the sleepover.

Other useful sleepover party ideas include karaoke, having a spa night, playing board games, watching movies, and building sundaes. Parents can work with their kids to plan several fun activities for children that will attend the slumber party. Whatever activities a person plans for a sleepover, provide a variety of entertaining activities that will keep those party guests busy throughout the night.


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My daughter had some friends over last weekend for a sleepover. I was clueless what to do for sleepover games. However, I found a Wii game that is based off of the television show "Glee". It is similar to karaoke and they absolutely loved it! Of course, I had to listen to teenage girls sing all night!

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