What are Some Quick Tips for Holiday Decorating?

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If the holiday season has left you with very little extra time, coming up with attractive ideas for holiday decorating may seem like quite a challenge. If you have the time but just aren’t feeling very creative, the thought of holiday decorating may present a challenge for you as well. Wouldn’t some quick, easy tips be nice?

Try some of these ideas to make holiday decorating simple and fun. Start with tried and true elements such as pine cones or Christmas ornaments. To add some sparkle to your holiday decorating, grab the glitter and apply it to Styrofoam balls or to pine cones. Holiday decorating can be as easy as filling an attractive bowl or basket with these or other items to create an instant table topper. Tie a wide sheer ribbon around the rim of the bowl for an extra festive touch.

In fact, ribbon can be used in a variety of ways for holiday decorating. For example, you can tie ribbon around the base of a plain candle to quickly give it a festive look. Just remember to remove the ribbon if you choose to light the candle, and never leave candles burning unattended. Candles are a great source for holiday decorating too. They can be grouped together or intermingled with holly, pine boughs, ornaments, pine cones, or any other festive items to create quick centerpieces, or they can stand alone.


You might not think of Christmas candy when it comes to holiday decorating, but a pretty crystal vase with a handful of candy canes peeking over the rim quickly becomes a festive element. You can fill a crystal dish with peppermint disks, ribbon candies, or chocolates, to add a holiday touch to an empty surface. Fruits also work great and inject some vibrant color into your holiday decorating.

A fun idea is to use spray snow to give everyday items the feel of a winter wonderland. Something as simple as a paper snowflake can become an attractive part of your holiday decorating as well. Just add a little spray snow, some glitter, and a length of sparkly ribbon for a great ornament.

Aside from art paper, you can also use wrapping paper in your holiday decorating. Wrap existing picture frames in beautiful paper, add ribbons and small decorative touches, and hang them back on the wall. Wrap tiny empty boxes as gifts and add them to your centerpieces or wrap larger boxes to fill an empty corner with some holiday cheer.


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Post 3

Holiday home decorating does not have to be the big grand process that some people make it out to be. Often if you just include one simple easy and tasteful decoration you can imply a commitment to the holiday without turning your home into a fun house.

At Christmas put a simple wreath on your door. At Halloween a pumpkin or two will imply the spirit of the holiday. For Independence day a simple, tasteful flag can speak volumes. It does not need to be a big obtrusive process. Just try to distill the holiday down to its essence.

Post 2

Holiday home decor is one of my favorite things to do. I get really excited about the holidays and I want my home to reflect that excitement. plus, I get bored with looking at all the same old stuff in my house. Holiday decorating gives me a chance to switch things up and play with the look I have gotten so bored with.

I read a lot of design magazines and crafty type magazines. They are great for getting new ideas. Not just for working out the way things look but for experimenting with new materials and finding ways to reduce costs and time. If you are really going to invest yourself in a design project it can take a significant amount of work.

Post 1

White Christmas lights can be a nice decorative addition that fits into the design scheme of for almost any holiday. Of course they can go up for Christmas but they also work on Easter, fourth of July and even Halloween if you use them correctly.

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