What are Some Popular Kitchen Design Styles?

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There are as many kitchen design styles today as there are kitchens, since designs may be eclectic or highly customized by combining different looks. Some kitchen looks are quite rustic while others are completely modern in style. Some of the most popular kitchen styles seen in today's homes are contemporary, country, French country, lodge and traditional.

Traditional kitchens are formal in style. They are based on classic eighteenth to twentieth century designs that often include fine woods and crown molding. Elegant touches such as metallic gold hardware on cabinet doors are often featured in traditional kitchen design styles.

Lodge style kitchens are quite rustic and may be found in log cabin homes or vacation cabins. Nature is a big part of this style. While mounted animal heads don't necessarily have to be a part of the hunting lodge look anymore, natural elements such as stone and wood should be used plentifully. Appliances can be covered with wooden panels and stone floors and walls can be added. An antler type of chandelier over the dining table can really add lodge style to a kitchen.


French country kitchen design is inspired from the countryside of France. Lavender and gold are popular colors for this look as are blues, greens and deep reds. Cabinet frames and shelving trims are typically detailed and ornate. Woods used in French country kitchens are often oak and cherry. Wood finishes may be quite informal such as pickling techniques that form a thin layer of paint to show knots and graining in wood for an old-fashioned appeal.

Country kitchens may also have pickling paint techniques as well as natural wood or painted cabinets. Molding trims, baskets and farm animal motifs may be featured. Chicken wire inserts rather than glass may decorate cabinet doors. Fabric choices for country kitchen design styles include checks, plaids, ginghams and floral prints. The overall look of a country kitchen is a home spun one.

Contemporary designs for kitchens are always uncluttered and sleek. Cabinets and furnishings may have straight or curved lines, but are typically plain with a clean, fresh look. Cabinet handles are geometrical and simple rather than heavily detailed. Frosted glass, stainless steel, white and/or one bold accent color are typical elements of contemporary kitchen design styles.


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