What are Some Persuasive Speech Topics?

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There are tons of persuasive speech topics for people who are still unsure what to do when they receive an assignment to compose a persuasive speech. When you’re choosing a subject make sure it is not too big for the allowable time you’ll have to speak. For instance, you might want to write a speech on animal rights. Don’t simply choose animal rights as your topic. Instead, you could focus on one or two rights that you think animals should have, or even a single right if there is enough information on it to create a well thought out speech.

There are a few topics that you will have difficulty with because of the many arguments associated with them. These are often heavily emotional topics where strong feelings exist on both sides of an issue. You may want to avoid persuasive speech topics that focus on euthanasia, abortion, the death penalty, or gun control. People are frequently less interested in hearing your point of view on these issues if it differs from their own. Moreover, it’s hard to focus a short persuasive speech on these topics because there is so much information you’d need to include.


There are plenty of great persuasive speech topics that won’t hit people’s emotional alarm bells quite so drastically and where you’ll have an opportunity to actually persuade your listeners. If you choose a topic on which most people are going to agree with you, this isn’t hard to do. A persuasive speech on why you shouldn’t start smoking, why you ought to volunteer at a local homeless shelter or why you need to learn punctuation rules is likely to have people nodding their heads in agreement. Audience is always an important factor when choosing persuasive speech topics, and it can help tremendously to have the audience on your side.

It also helps if you care about the issue you’re going to present. What is important in your life? What are your values or the things that matter most to you? Maybe your wonderful experiences having family dinner each night lead you to believe that family dinner is great for all members of a family. You might work in medicine and see a critical need for blood or organ donations on a regular basis. Perhaps you volunteer in a library and realize it needs more public funding and donations from the public.

When you are passionate about a topic it gives you an extra element to your speech that is sure to translate to your audience. So when you’re looking for persuasive speech topics, try to find a topic that is something you care about. Don’t forget though, that you’ll probably need to do some research to back up your opinions.

Of the many persuasive speech topics you can choose, here are just a few:

  • People should get more exercise
  • It’s important to volunteer in our community
  • College costs should be less expensive
  • Animal shelters should be better funded
  • It’s important to vote
  • The speed limit should be lowered or raised
  • People should avoid drunk driving
  • Families need to spend more time together
  • Sports clubs need to have better drug testing policies
  • Drinking water is important

You can find many more suggestions for persuasive speech topics online. If you’re still stuck, schedule a meeting with your teacher to discuss the difficulty you’re having. A teacher is usually an excellent resource for helping you choose a topic that you will enjoy working on and that is best suited to you.


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I think the best way to make a persuasive speech is if you really believe in the content. When you are passionate about the topic, that passion shows through to your audience.

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