What are Some Outdoor Activities in Twin Falls, Idaho?

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Twin Falls is located in the Magic Valley area of Idaho. The high plains of the Snake River Canyon area and breathtaking falls such as the Shoshone Falls serve as wonderful backdrops for many great outdoor activities in Twin Falls. Known as the Wilderness State, Idaho has the most wilderness area of any American state other than Alaska. Fishing, hiking, mountain biking, camping and skiing are just some of the popular outdoor sports in Twin Falls

The Snake River Canyon was made famous by stunt motorcycle jumper Evel Knievel's failed attempt to jump over the very wide Canyon in the 1970s. Most people just cross the Snake River Canyon via the Perrine Bridge! The Visitor Center at the south end of the Bridge looks down into magnificent views of the canyon. Visiting the very tall and impressive Shoshone Falls on the Snake River is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Twin Falls.

Parts of the Snake River such as Henry's Fork are known for fly fishing for cutthroat trout. The Snake River is also known for sturgeon fishing. Sturgeons are large fish that frequent the river bottom, often in areas of fast water. Dierkes Lake is a popular place for outdoor activities in Twin Forks. It may be open for fishing as well as hiking around the lake. Its beaches are usually open in the summer months.


The Sawtooth National Forest is known for its clear evening skies and its accessible hiking trails such as the Ross Falls Trail. Beginners and family hiking is also popular at Eagle Loop in its open woodland setting that makes it a popular place for outdoor activities in Twin Falls. Independence Lakes near Independence Mountain also has novice level trails. The Harrington Fork Mountain Bike Trail is known for challenging mountain biking. You can start from the parking lot and bike into varied and tough terrain such as streams that aren't always dry, cattle fences and steep climbs.

Skiing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Twin Falls and there are many ski resorts here. The Magic Mountain Ski Resort on the Nevada border is a popular smaller resort with smaller down-hills. The Sun Valley Ski Resort is near the Challis and Sawtooth National Forests and was constructed by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1936. Schweitzer, Soldier Mountain and Tamarack are other popular skiing spots in Twin Falls.


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