What are Some Outdoor Activities in New Haven, Connecticut?

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If you are looking for outdoor activities in New Haven, you'll be happy to know that options abound, both in winter and summer. New Haven, the oldest formal city in the United States, is home to manyparks, green fields, and natural recreation opportunities. The second largest city in the state is also home to numerous man-made attractions for the urban explorer looking for outdoor activities in New Haven.

The most popular outdoor activities in New Haven have to do with hiking. Edgewood Park has been called "The Central Park of Connecticut," a reference to its size and design, which clearly mimics New York City's famous park. Edgewood Park offers outdoor enthusiasts a variety of sport courts, including tennis, softball, and soccer. The basketball court is especially popular, since it's the only one with night lighting. The park also offers numerous trails that can be used for hiking or biking in the summer and for country-skiing in winter. There is even a skateboarding and in-line skating ring within the park limits.


Other popular outdoor activities in New Haven include visiting the Five Mile Point Lighthouse, in Lighthouse Point Park. The 200-year-old lighthouse is surrounded by a large beach where ranger programs, kayaking, and fresh water fountains can be accessed during the summer. The park is also home to one of America's oldest carousels. The city's proximity to the ocean means that summer outdoor activities in New Haven concentrate on the water. Canoeing, kayaking, and sailing are popular with both visitors and locals, and the many area beaches mean that taking a day off to relax on the sand is always just a few minutes away. In summer, New Haven offers many programs to learn sailing or to tour the harbor.

Popular outdoor activities in New Haven also include the Marsh Botanical Garden, which offers visitors a chance to step into one of the largest orchid's collection in the world, tour the garden insectivorous collection, or relax on the green grounds that surround the several greenhouses.

The Long Wharf Nature Preserve is another popular stop for those wishing to enjoy outdoor activities in New Haven. Wood bridges, canals, and sandy beaches cut through the hundred hiking trails that take over the property. The preserve is an ideal location for birdwatching, relaxing, and enjoying the views.


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