What are Some Outdoor Activities in Memphis, Tennessee?

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While Memphis, Tennessee is better known as the home of Graceland and a bastion of jazz oriented nightlife, the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of outdoor activities in Memphis to enjoy. Here are just a few of the great outdoor activities in Memphis that you can enjoy while visiting the city.

Anyone that is a fan of golf will enjoy the Galloway Golf Course, with its rolling hills and challenging holes. The changes in the terrain from one hole to the next make a few rounds of golf an interesting exercise in strategy for avid golfers. Rates for playing at this public course are very reasonable, which help to make Galloway one of the premier daytime outdoor activities in Memphis.

For those that love nature, the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park provides one of the best outdoor activities in Memphis. Located on Bluff Road and North Watkins, the park is located fifteen miles north of the city center. Among the 14,500 acres that make up the park, visitors can enjoy such amenities as an archery range, plenty of nature trails for long walks, hiking opportunities, and a disc-golf course. A nature center provides the chance to learn about plant and animal life that is indigenous to the area. Scattered around the park are clearings that are ideal for a picnic and some quiet time. If you want to stay for several days, cabins are available at very reasonable rates.


Racing enthusiasts will enjoy the Memphis Motor Park, one of the most popular outdoor activities in Memphis. Featuring a dirt track and a drag strip, the motor park is host to over 200 racing events each year. Along with some great racing, there are also plenty of short order foods to enjoy during the races, and plenty of family style restaurants nearby.

Baseball fans will not want for outdoor activities in Memphis. As the home of Triple AAA minor league team the Memphis Redbirds, the city offers the beautiful setting of AutoZone Park in the downtown area. Also found in the stadium is a history section that chronicles the history of minor league baseball in the city over the last hundred years. The state of the art stadium plays host to games from March to Labor Day each year and provides one of the most popular of outdoor activities in Memphis.

While Memphis has much to offer in the way of historical sites, museums, and night life, there are also plenty of outdoor activities in Memphis to enjoy. From hiking to racing to baseball, no one can fail to find something of interest.


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Post 3

I definitely recommend the disc golf course at Meeman-Shelby Park. It is one of the better disc golf courses I have ever played on and I have played on a lot.

It has interesting holes, a good skill level, nice scenery and the course is well maintained. I will definitely be playing it again as soon as I get back to Memphis.

Post 2
I live in Memphis and I am a part of a summer kickball league. We have games twice a week in a big park close to my house. It is just like the kickball you used to play in gym class, except everyone is grown up and a lot of them are holding beers.

There's been an increase in my local league lately. Obviously there is an interest in kickball. I love it. It is a fun, challenging sport but it is not super athletic and anyone can play. It is the perfect game to play with friends.

Post 1

I have only been to Memphis once, but one of my finest memories was spending a night walking up and down Beale street watching all the crazy people and the street performers.

I did not even go into many of the bars. Most of my time was spent on the street itself. It is an amazing place and there is a reason that street is so legendary. It radiates energy. You feel cooler just being there.

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