What are Some Kids' Birthday Party Games?

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Birthday parties are a time for celebrations, good food and, if you are under the age of about 13, some fun games. Kids birthday party games run the gambit from the ordinary to the more modern. While there are some old standby games, some new ones have also entered the fray. What is done depends on one's own taste, as well as the age and the talent level of the children involved.

Nearly all types of board games can be used as kids birthday party games. While that may not have been their original intention, most kids' board games can be played relatively quickly with more than one player. Ask other parents if they have the same game and if they would mind bringing it over. It can quickly turn into a tournament with the winner receiving a special prize.

The same thing can be done with video games, though parents should be cautious before turning these into kids' birthday party games. Video games are not for everyone and there is the risk of alienating some of the attendees. Unlike board games, video games take a certain amount of practice and skill. However, if you know your child's friends are into a certain game, it can also make for a fun, interactive tournament.


Things far less technologically advanced can also make for great kids' birthday party games. For example, tying balloons to each child's ankle and having them go around trying to stomp each others balloons can be a fun game. Creating teams provides even more of a challenge as children are then required to work together. This game has the advantage of being as much fun indoors or outdoors.

Of course, there are some old favorites for kids' birthday party games. Simon Says, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Hot Potato, Musical Chairs and pinatas all make for fun times. These all can be played in a relatively short amount of time and offer some good laughs and a lot of excitement. Those needing game ideas should check out books, ask other parents or visit parenting Web sites, which offer a wealth of information.

When choosing kids' birthday party games, there are a number of things to keep in mind, however. If there will be a wide range of ages at the party, it may be better to choose games that rely more on chance than skill. Also, if there is a wide range of sizes and ages, games such as the balloon stomp may not be a good idea. It could pose some additional risk of injury as younger kids come into contact with the older ones. Injuries could turn some very fun kids birthday party games into medical disasters.


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Post 3

Sunshine31- I agree with you. Those are really good children’s birthday party ideas.

I just wanted to add that great kid's birthday party ideas involve a scavenger hunt and possibly an arts and crafts table. Most activities involve creativity and thinking skills but are very entertaining for children. The craft could be related to the theme of the party. Masks and puppets seem to be the most popular craft ideas.

Post 2

I just wanted to add that children’s birthday party games should include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, along with Bingo, and guessing how many jellybeans are in a jar.

Musical Chairs and Hot Potato are fun indoor birthday party games that really get the kids excited. I also think that birthday party games for kids should involve a small prize to make the game more exciting.

The prize should relate to the birthday theme. For example, if it is a bear-themed party, then the prizes could be small little teddy bears, or bears on pencils something to that effect.

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