What are Some Informative Speech Topics?

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An informative speech is one where you give information about a topic. It should be presented with authority and plenty of details to interest your listeners. Yet some people are concerned when assigned an informative speech, and can’t figure out exactly how to generate informative speech topics.

While you may feel a little concerned when faced with writing a speech, remember that you know plenty of things. We are all authorities on something, and have lots of information. The goal is merely to decide what kind of information we may want to present when we choose informative speech topics.

The informative speech is usually one of four forms. You can give a speech about objects like animals, vehicles, washing machines, buildings, and et cetera. You can also speak about a process — either describing how something is done or how to do something. Another theme is to discuss an event, either one that already occurred or one that will occur. Lastly, you can discuss ideas or concepts, though this type of speech may be harder because it can easily become a persuasive speech.

With a speech focused on objects your goal is to come up with informative speech topics that will be easy to clearly describe. You could choose to give a speech on an animal you find fascinating, or describe virtually anything. Since you usually are composing a speech that will have time limitation, you want to make sure your information is specific and stays on topic.


Process speeches can be some of the easiest to do, especially when they are the “how to” type. You can demonstrate how to make a sandwich or you can talk about anything you know “how to” do. There are plenty of process speech subjects including how to prevent illnesses, how to lose weight, how to eat healthfully, how to play a specific sport, how to save money when shopping, and the list can go on.

With speeches focused on an event, informative speech topics could be so many different things. Describe a historical event, talk about an upcoming event in your community, or discuss an event you attended like the opening of a business, or the first night of your county fair. You can even discuss things like pet shows, fashion shows, rock concerts, school plays or anything else that comes under this heading.

When you’re going to choose conceptual informative speech topics, the most important thing is to stay away from highly contentious issues. It is extremely difficult to give an information only speech on things like abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, animal rights, and a few other topics which people are likely to take strong sides. You can talk about other concepts, such as mercy, love, forgiveness, anger, but these can be awfully vague. If you want to give a speech on ideas, try to come up with a concept that will be easy to describe within the time limits of your speech.

If you search online, you will find many websites that list hundreds of informative speech topics. These may be great if you’re really having a hard time. As you view these topics keep asking yourself, “What do I know about this subject?” Sometimes the best speeches are those delivered by people who are experts on a particular subject. So use topic suggestions to remind yourself where your expertise lies.


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Post 4

Crispety-I think cool informative speech topics include parenting topics that help parents learn how to deal with difficult aspects of parenting.

Informative persuasive speech topics dealing with ADHD, or children during puberty along with the high school years really helps parents not only cope with their child’s behavioral and physical changes, but it also helps them understand that most of their concerns are normal and common.

I know Baptist Hospital in Miami, offers informative seminars like this as well as more targeted health related seminars pertaining to breast cancer, treating diabetes, and reducing heart disease.

Alerting the public on how to improve health and the quality of life proves most beneficial. Many hospitals offer these speeches for a small nominal fee. I know that Baptist Hospitals offers two hour seminars conducted by doctors for only $5 which is really cheap. These are just a handful of the current informative speech topics that thye offer.

Post 3

Cafe41-Good informative speech topics should revolve around money. Most people are taught not to discuss money but many people have failed with their finances because they don't understand how to make the money work for them.

Topics examples like this actually empower people to save. Dave Ramsey, the famous financial guru, offers seminars entitled Financial Peace University. In these seminars, he shows people how to get out of debt and then eliminate debt from their lives for good.

He calls this concept the debt snowball because he encourages his audience to tackle the lowest balance debt first in order to gain momentum and motivation to continue to pay down all the debt.

Many people call in after several years of following his program and have paid off their home mortgage in a few years while having modest incomes.

He also has a radio show in which people will proclaim that they are debt free.

Post 2

Moldova-G I think that great informative speech topics should be motivational and nature. Most people can relate to a struggle of some kind and we all like to hear a happy ending to a story.

These inspirational speeches often motivate people to act and change their lives. Great informative speech topics can revolve around overcoming a specific fear, losing weight, or saving and investing money.

Most people can relate to all three of these topics so you have a broader audience that is more captive.

For example, people love to hear successful weight loss stories because most people can relate to the struggles of weight loss and how difficult it can be. So to see someone's life being transformed as a result of weight loss is something most people want and are generally motivated to act when they see the results that someone else had.

This is why before and after pictures are so motivating.

Post 1

Controversial informative speech topics often include those pertaining to politics or religion. These two subjects are really divisive topics in which people have definitive ideas and opinions about.

People pretty much have their mind made up so these topics should not be used as persuasive information speech topics. If you decide to discuss an informative persuasive speech topic and it happens to be politically related it is best to disclose your leanings so that people in the audience will not be offended and will know what to expect.

For example, if your informative speech topics examples include abortion or the death penalty; you can use statistics that actually back up your position. However realize that people that disagree on your position may not show up to hear the speech. So you are essentially preaching to the choir.

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