What are Some Ideas for Homemade Party Favors?

Lauren Romano

When you buy party favors, they can end up being quite expensive. You may want to consider making ones at home in order to cut down on the cost. If you are considering making homemade party favors, there are several types you can think about creating.

A girl wearing a candy necklace, a homemade party favor.
A girl wearing a candy necklace, a homemade party favor.

Instead of creating homemade party favors for children that are comprised of candy and sugar, consider making it a bit different. You could put in one piece of candy but can also include crayons and a small coloring book as well. They have the opportunity to bring something home with them and enjoy a piece of candy as well.

Acrylic paint can be used when making homeade party favors..
Acrylic paint can be used when making homeade party favors..

If you would like to create homemade party favors for tween or teen girls, consider giving them a small nail painting kit. You could buy some inexpensive nail polish, a little nail file and put it all in small gift bags. Many teen or tween girls are interested in makeup, so they may appreciate obtaining some as a party favor.

Many tween and teen boys are fond of movies and food, so think about combining them both into homemade party favors. Think about including a gift certificate for one movie rental from your local video store along with a batch of homemade cookies. It’s simple to put together and it may just appeal to many of the guests at the party.

When putting together homemade party favors for adults, consider creating hand painted wine glasses or martini glasses. They can be appropriate to give to male or female guests at the party and they take little effort to create. You can pick up paint at your local craft store that is made specifically for glass. If you would like to save money on the glasses, your local dollar store may have some you can buy. You could paint on any design that you like and even paint on a theme according to the type of party the favors will be for.

Creating homemade party favors doesn’t have to be expensive and they could end up taking you very little time to put together. Sometimes the party favors that you assemble yourself may be even better than ones you could have purchased. Not only can you customize them to be appropriate for the guests, but your guests will know you put a lot of thought and energy into thanking them for coming to the party.

A batch of homemade cookies is simple to make and will appeal to guests.
A batch of homemade cookies is simple to make and will appeal to guests.

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@cellmania: If the party is during the summer, you can go to the dollar store and buy some plastic beach buckets. Those are great for summer parties.

I’ve also used chinese food boxes. Many craft stores have them. We hosted a “culture” party where we had food and themes from different countries. We sent each child home with a treat bag in their chinese food box.


If you have ever been to a restaurant that serves the little dessert buckets, keep the buckets. They are miniature tin pails and they are great for parties to use as kids party favors.


Does anyone have any other ideas on what to use for treat bags?


My sister is all into homemade crafts and she can come up with some of the most creative ideas. I hosted a Halloween party for my son’s class last year and these are some tips that my sister gave me:

When making treat bags always write each child’s initials or name on everything in their bag, including the bag itself. This helps to prevent confusion.

Always have a few extra treat bags available in case some get lost.

If the party guests have siblings at home, it is a good idea to send a treat bag (if you have any extra) home for them.

Let your child pass out the treat bags since he is the host of the party.

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