What are Some Ideas for a Circus Party?

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Parents can plan a circus party for a child without spending a great deal of money. Children love to go to the circus and enjoy watching wild animals, clowns, and other circus performers thrill the audience with their daring feats. Replicate some of the excitement of the circus by planning a circus party that will allow children to pretend they are spending the day under the big top.

First, a parent should plan invitations for the party. One idea is to choose a circus tent format. Parents can use white card stock and fashion a simple tent drawing.

Create a tent with flaps that open in order to reveal pertinent party information. For example, make sure to include the day, time, and location of the circus party so guests will show up on time. Ask kids to dress up as clowns or other circus performers.

Decorations for a circus party can include festive balloons hanging from the ceiling and decorating the walls. Another good choice is to decorate the room with stuffed animals featuring lions, tigers, elephants, horses, and other typical circus animals. Banners displaying clown faces or other circus motifs are other decorating options.


Circus party games are easy to devise and enjoyable for kids of all ages. Potential games include a Pin-the-Nose-on-the-Clown game or a bean bag toss. Replicate some of the circus performances by devising safe alternatives.

For example, take a wooden plank and paint it a bright color. The plank can serve as a tightrope-walk game. Children can walk across the plank as they test their balancing skills. A simple rope resting on the floor is an alternative to having children walk across the wooden plank. Find a CD that features kids' circus music to make party guests feel as if they're performing in the circus.

Crafts for a circus party can be something as simple as coloring a clown template or making a clown hat from construction paper. Parents can provide the kids with animal crackers and allow them to glue the cookies to paper. The children can then draw a circus picture utilizing the animal crackers.

If the circus party budget permits, hire a clown to perform at the party. A clown can do magic tricks, make balloon animals, juggle, and perform other comical routines. If the parent doesn't wish to spend money hiring a professional clown, she can find a clown suit at a costume rental shop and wear the suit as she interacts with the guests.

No party is complete without food. Try simple circus-themed snacks such as popcorn, hot dogs, animal crackers, and cotton candy. Cotton candy is sometimes found in grocery stores in small plastic tubs.

More ambitious party throwers can rent a cotton candy machine for the festive occasion. Serve kids a circus-themed cake or small cupcakes. To quench the kids' thirst, provide them with lemonade or juice.


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Post 4

Icecream17- You can also hire a company that'll have hot dog carts, cotton candy, and popcorn machines.

Hiring a clown is a must for any circus themed party. The clown can make balloon animals for the children and paint their face as their favorite circus animal.

Also, the cake can also be the shape of a big top circus with the same vibrant colors and design. These circus party ideas create the most memorable circus birthday party.

Post 3

Sneakers41- You can also decorate thekids circus party like if it were a carnival atmosphere. Have different stations throughout the party where kids can play games and win small prizes.

You can set up a ring toss, a dart balloon pop and offer a small gift if they win. You can get these prizes in any dollar or discount store.

If you can find little trinkets that are associated with the circus, like elephants and tigers that would be great. This really creates a true circus theme party.

Post 2

I think that a circus themed party should have animal entertainment. You can hire a company that can bring you either farm animals or exotic animals.

They can teach the children about the animals and even allow the children to touch the various animals. You can even offer a program that lists the order that the animals will appear in and design it like a circus program.

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