What are Some Ideas for a Birthday Party for Twins?

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Today, many parents shy away from keeping everything identical for twins, even when the twins look identical. The thought process is that even though two people look and seem very much the same, they are still unique individuals. Many parents of twins still dress their children in similar outfits, but not in exactly the same outfits. The same concept applies when seeking ideas for a birthday party for twins. The idea is to keep things equal and at the same time distinctive for each child.

Some parents still like to go with identical everything. Even if you decide to have everything the same for both children, you can have some separation at a birthday party for twins by setting two separate tables. Each child can sit at the head of one table and it will be more like two parties in one. While every party requires creativity, it’s even more true when planning a birthday party for twins.

For those that want a “separate but equal” birthday party for twins, consider using similar elements in contrasting colors. If your kids are into characters, you can pick two similar characters. If they like Sesame Street, you could pick Grover and Elmo. They are both fuzzy and cute and within the same theme. One is red and one is blue, so you have an instant color scheme as well.


Even if you’re not going with a theme when planning a birthday party for twins, you can use opposites. Bake one chocolate cake with white icing and one white cake with chocolate icing, or simply decorate two similar cakes with different colored gels and candles. Another option for a birthday party for twins is to use each twin’s favorite color when selecting favors and decorations. Alternate place settings, making every other one each twin’s favorite. On the other hand, you can mix and match choosing plates in one color and other tableware in the other twin’s favorite color.

If one twin is a boy and the other is a girl that doesn’t mean you have to go with pink and blue when decorating for a birthday party for twins. To create a sense of contrast, you can even use the same color in starkly different shades. Choose from opposite ends of the spectrum, like the deepest Navy blue and the palest baby blue. In other words, use saturated color for one and pastel for the other. This also works if you are having a birthday party for twins who have the same favorite color.


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Post 3

SauteePan- Those are great ideas. I think that if this is the baby's 1st birthday party, the Disney character theme would be best.

Babies love the shapes and colors of these figures, and they are really cute.

It is easy to combine any of the characters regardless of the gender of the child. For example, you can do Donald Duck and Pluto.

Post 2

SurfNturf- That's really true. I have to say there a lot of twin themes that you can use for a party.

For example, if you have twins that are both a boy and the girl, you can use a pirate and princess, or a Mickey and Minnie mouse party.

If you have twin boys you can have firefighter and a construction worker theme.

If you have twin girls, you can do a butterfly and ladybug party, or Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast party.

Post 1

When having a birthday party for twins, it is really important to have different cakes for each child.

Children that are twins have to share so much that it is nice if they can have their own special day to reflect some of their personality. Keeping everything the same seems cute, and is okay for toddlers, but not so for school aged children.

Even if the décor is the same, you could offer two different parties, or if cost is an issue, you can simply ask each child what type of cake they want.

At least by offering two separate cakes at the party, each child can express his or her individuality without breaking the bank. Asking the children for input is a great way to plan the party.

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