What are Some Hypoallergenic Products?

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It’s difficult to define hypoallergenic products because this label is used with great frequency. It should be noted that in areas like the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have regulatory power over the word hypoallergenic. It should be considered a word that means, “likely to cause fewer allergies,” and it certainly doesn’t mean that it won't cause allergies. Each individual using any type of hypoallergenic products needs to carefully read labels to look for ingredients they’ve had reactions to in the past. Presence of these ingredients means finding something else that will work instead.

As for the types of hypoallergenic products, these are almost without limit. People may be most familiar with seeing this label on things like shampoo, soap and various cosmetics. Especially with cosmetics, many people may not be allergic to the substances used in them, but can be sensitive to them. Products that have high acid content can cause skin irritation and dryness, even if they don’t create allergies.


Some household cleaning products can be considered hypoallergenic. This could include things like laundry detergent or dish soap. These products may be absent things like fragrances or dyes that are more associated with allergies, and some of them have very few ingredients, so it’s easy to check if allergies exist to any single ingredient. It should also be noted that many people who have allergies aren’t necessarily bothered by ingredients in lots of detergents, soaps, or cosmetics that aren’t labeled hypoallergenic. Having hayfever doesn’t mean having allergies to fragrances.

Cosmetics and soaps or cleaners are not the only hypoallergenic products. Shoppers can find hypoallergenic pillows or mattresses, for instance. With things like bedding, this might mean less likely to encourage dust mite population, instead of less likely to cause allergies.

Other types of hypoallergenic products include jewelry. Especially earrings may earn this title if they don’t contain nickel. Nickel allergies are some of the most common metal allergies. People may also need to search for things like nickel-free belt buckles to avoid allergic reaction to a belt buckle touching the skin.

Perhaps one of the most curious of hypoallergenic products is various dog breeds or cat breeds that are so labeled. When dogs are considered less likely to cause allergies, they usually shed less and tend to have less dander than do other dogs. Most people allergic to dogs are sensitive to animal dander, but some may be allergic to animal saliva, in which case no dog can rightly be considered hypoallergenic. Even when a dog sheds less hair or dander, they still may cause some people allergies, and people would be wise to spend some time with animals before adopting them to determine if allergies to dogs are too severe for dog ownership.


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