What are Some Home Remedies for Chafing?

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Chafing is an uncomfortable experience that most people will undergo at some time in their lives. While there are a number or ointments and creams on the market to help ease the redness and irritation that are part of chafing, it is also possible to treat the condition using products found around the home. Staying hydrated and getting enough of the right nutrients can help relieve chafing, and other home remedies include treating the area with aloe vera, cornstarch, or olive oil and oatmeal. Wearing different clothing while the area heals can also help.

For many people, chafing occurs due to excess fluid loss from the body, such as when running a temperature for an extended period of time or experiencing a bout with diarrhea. When this is the case, one of the ways to help ease the chafing is to re-hydrate the body. Drinking more water helps to restore balance to the skin and minimize the dryness that leads to chafing. Among home remedies for chafing, this is one of the simplest and easiest to utilize.

Along with drinking plenty of water, vitamins are also important in the task of restoring balance to the body. Using supplements that contain specific nutrients, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, can help chafed areas heal. These vitamins also help the body to enhance the moisture content of the skin and help to relieve the pain caused by dry skin rubbing against clothing.


Aloe vera is one of the home remedies for chafing that many people overlook. More commonly known as a home treatment for burns, it also provides natural chafing relief in a couple of ways. First, the juice from the plant can be applied to the chafed skin and bring almost instant relief to the itching and redness. Second, the aloe vera contains nutrients that are powerful chafing treatments that begin to repair the damage to the skin. By keeping a plant handy, people who suffer from chafing can break off a small piece to easily treat the problem.

The kitchen contains many chafing natural home remedies, including some that may seem a little odd at first. Cornstarch is one example, and this simple substance works just as well as commercial talcum powders. In fact, it can work better than talc because it will not clump or soak up moisture that the infected area needs to heal. At the same time, the chafing relief obtained with cornstarch makes it possible to enjoy walking or jogging without wincing with pain.

Making a simple paste with olive oil and oatmeal can also be an effective chafing natural medicine for the skin. Sufferers can combine the two ingredients and then spread the paste liberally over the chafed skin. It should be left in place for 20 to 30 minutes a day. This can easily be accomplished while reading a book or watching television. The paste will help to soothe the skin while also helping to restore some of the essential moisture needed to heal the chafing.

It can also help for people to adjust their wardrobe while the irritated skin heals. They should avoid form-fitting clothing, such as tight jeans, that can make the problem worse. Cotton clothing should be worn rather than natural and synthetic blends. This will allow the air to circulate freely and help aid any other chafing treatments that are used.

Many home remedies for chafing are just as effective as prescription and over-the-counter products, while being much more cost effective. Sufferers should pay attention to when the chafing has progressed to a level where treatment by a health care professional is needed. If home remedies do not produce results within a few days, sufferers should make an appointment with a medical professional and make use of more aggressive modes of treatment.


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Post 11

@seag47 – Tape would work good for small spots like between the toes. I had to have a solution for something larger, though.

My thighs were rubbing together after I started a new job at a warehouse. I had to be on the move all day, and I had never experienced this chafing before.

I wound up having to buy longer underwear. I got the kind that comes a few inches down the legs, and it has made working so much more comfortable. I can't wear any other kind of underwear while working.

Post 10

If you just have one little spot that is chafing, you can put tape on it. This works well if you are having problems with two areas of skin rubbing together, but it would probably work for clothing rubbing against skin, too.

Two of my toes were rubbing together inside my dress shoes, and they started to chafe. I put a small piece of transparent tape between them, and my pain went away.

Post 9

Aloe vera is one of the best home remedies for sunburn, so I'm not surprised that it is listed as a chafing remedy, too. That plant has all kinds of healing properties.

It really cools off my skin when I'm sunburned. It can even keep my red skin from peeling if I apply it twice a day every day until the sunburn fades.

I would imagine it would work the same way for chafing skin. Just apply it a couple of times a day and don't let your clothes rub against the skin.

Post 8

My husband uses a jelly-like paste that is actually intended for treating diaper rash on his chafing skin. I thought it was a bit odd that he chose this over any of the other remedies, but it works.

Post 7

I bought Saxx Underwear to deal with my chafing. It worked great. They have netting built into them that completes stops any rubbing of unwanted parts/skin. I highly advise it.

Post 5

Aloe -- don't do it! Petroleum jelly works.

Post 4

i just used aloe and i don't know if its going to work but it does burn a lot. I used a part off of my plant and it did sting its starting to feel better but i haven't looked at it yet.

Post 3

cornmeal works for chafing.

Post 2

i have used aloe one hour before shampooing. it really works and makes my hair very soft.

Post 1

aloe doesn't work. it only makes things worse and burns like a son of a monster.

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