What are Some Home Office Filing Ideas?

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As anyone who works in a home office knows, space to store files is often at a premium. Still, it is important to have the documents easily accessible at any point during the working day. Finding the right home office filing solutions vary, depending on the size of the office and the amount of files that must be maintained. However, there are three basic approaches that can often be adapted to home offices of every type.

One of the easiest ways to handle home office filing is to purchase two or three drawer filing cabinets that can be lined up against a wall. In order to maximize the usage of the space, have a tabletop built that will span the top surface of the cabinets. This simple idea not only creates a significant amount of home office filing space. The combination of low filing cabinets with a tabletop creates another work surface that can be used to support equipment such as fax machines and printers, or left clear for use in laying out blueprints or as a cutting table for use with fabrics.


Another idea is to make use of any closets that may be in the space. Home offices are often set up in rooms that were originally intended for use as a bedroom. This means the closet may offer the ideal place for file organization. Measure the interior of the closet and determine how many five drawer filing cabinets can be inserted and still allow the drawers to be opened and closed with no trouble. This eliminates the presence of the files in the main area of the office, giving the space a cleaner look.

If there are built in bookshelves in the home office area, use them to organize files in a manner that is attractive while still allowing easy access. Purchase wicker baskets with lids that are square and large enough to allow the files to stand upright. Attach a simple tag to the front of the basket to indicate the range of letters that are included in that particular basket. Line them up on the bookshelves, or space them out if you want to use plants, books, or framed photos to soften the overall look of the home office filing solution.

While home office filing can seem like quite an obstacle, there are usually solutions that are both functional and attractive. Assess the space and determine what elements are already present and could be used to best advantage for storing and retrieving files with ease. In many cases, the task can be accomplished with relatively little expense while still giving the office a look that is organized and pleasant.


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