What Are Some High Fiber Fruits?

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A high fiber diet is considered healthy, as it helps the body digest foods properly. Eating foods that are good sources of fiber such as whole grains, vegetables and fruits can also help a person feel full without having to consume a lot of calories or fat. Many fruits have the added advantage of having a sweet taste; most people trying to lose weight find that they can forgo sugary, fatty desserts such as cookies and cakes more easily if they can substitute fresh fruit. For the least amount of calories and the maximum amount of fiber, fruits should be eaten raw rather than consumed peeled, cooked, canned or as juice. High fiber fruits include apples, bananas, berries, dried fruit, grapefruits, guavas, kiwis, oranges, papayas, peaches, pears and watermelon.

Watermelon can be removed from its non-edible rind, cut into cubes and stored in a covered container in the refrigerator. Its refreshing coolness is welcome on hot summer days; having it already cut up and ready makes it easy to access for snacks or sweet, healthy desserts. Pears are high fiber and are mostly associated with autumn. Pear skins tend to be very thin, but after being well-cleaned, pears should be eaten with the skins on as it increases their fiber amount.


Peaches are another of the high fiber fruits that should be eaten with their skins left on, if possible. Some people don't care to eat the fuzzy peach skin, but it considerably increases the amount of fiber consumed. Papayas are another fruit that are a good source of fiber. The red-orange skin of a papaya is not usually considered edible, as it tends to harden as the fruit ripens, but some people do eat it.

Oranges are a popular high fiber fruit high in vitamin C. They aren't as sweet as many other high fiber fruits. Rather than having orange juice with breakfast, a person can increase his or her fiber intake by eating the peeled, whole fruit instead. Kiwis, guavas and grapefruits may be more sour-tasting than most oranges, but they're all high in fiber and can add interest as well as vitamins to the diet.

Since dried fruits have most of their moisture content removed, they are packed with fiber. They also contain a lot of natural sugar, so diabetics or others watching their carbohydrate intake should eat small servings of dried fruits such as raisins, prunes, apricots, figs and dates. All berries are high in fiber. Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and cranberries can be consumed as high fiber fruits in the diet, depending on which ones are in season. Bananas are a popular high fiber fruit; they're easy to take on the go for snacks or to slice into cereal for breakfast.


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Post 3

A few years ago when I had some blood work done, I was told I was low in potassium and to start eating more bananas. Once I learned that bananas were also a high fiber food, I had no problem adding them to my diet.

One of the things I like about bananas is that they are so convenient and portable. You can take them anywhere with you for a quick snack or to add to your lunch. They are easy to peel, and just eat as they are. You don't have to slice them or add them to other foods to be delicious.

Post 2

Blueberries are known to be one of the fruits with the highest fiber content. One of the ways I love eating blueberries is to add them to my cereal. It doesn't matter if it is cold cereal from the box, or a bowl of warm oatmeal, blueberries add some natural sweetness and fiber.

I also like to keep some frozen blueberries on hand if I want to add them to some ice cream and milk in the blender.

Post 1

Many times it can be hard to get the recommended amount of fiber we need in a day. I try to eat some kind of fresh fruit at least a couple of times a day, and try to choose fruit that is high in fiber.

Because I love just about any kind of berries, this is not hard to do. We have a long row of black raspberries along our cornfield that I look forward to picking every year. There is way too much to eat at once, so I will lay them in a single layer on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer.

Once they are frozen, I will put them in plastic bags and keep in the freezer. This is an easy way to add fresh raspberries to make smoothies or use in an ice cream sauce.

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