What are Some Healthy and Delicious Snacks to Make?

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The body's energy and blood sugar levels fluctuate between meals, so snacking is important for many people. However, although snacks with a lot of sugar and fat may initially give a quick fix of energy, that fast energy often turns into a sluggish feeling. Healthy snacks on the other hand, give the body the nutrition it needs to maintain energy levels throughout the day. Also, controlling your hunger levels throughout the day can help stop overeating later. Here are some healthy snacks to make to enjoy at home, work or school:

Look to your leftovers for some healthy snacks to make. Start with a whole wheat tortilla or pita. Fill pita halves, or fill and roll up tortillas, with leftover chili. You can add a little grated cheese for extra flavor as well as calcium. This filling snack can be heated up or eaten cold. Alternatively, you can fill a tortilla or pita with peanut butter and sliced banana. That is great to take on the go with you as it doesn't need to be kept cold.


You can also heat up a small serving of leftover mashed potatoes, pasta or rice and top with some heated chili or baked beans for a hot satisfying snack that's a perfect "mini meal" with a glass of milk. As an alternative to a baked potato stuffed with cheese and broccoli, you can just top your small serving of leftover mashed potatoes with leftover cooked broccoli and a little Parmesan and/or other cheese on top. When you heat this in a microwave or other oven, take care not to overcook the broccoli.

Cold healthy snacks to make and take with you include bran muffins and fruit salad. Bran muffins are a tasty way to get fiber and you can add what you like so that you can keep your allergies and food preferences in mind. Nuts and dried fruit are common additions to bran muffins. Fruit salad can be made with any combinations of fruit you enjoy. You can place the fruit salad into a container in the refrigerator the night before to take with you the next morning to enjoy as a snack later in the day. You don't have to use apples or bananas as they do tend to get brown and mushy, but you can choose other fruits that hold up well.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can still find healthy snacks to make that taste satisfying. Cinnamon and fruit make healthy substitutes for sugar and sweets. You can blend grapes into plain yogurt and sweeten with cinnamon for a great chilled, refreshing snack.


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Post 4

Yes -- since nuts are fairly fattening I find I need to pre-portion them so I can just grab them and go. I find that eating fruit such as a peach or an orange can really help stop my cravings for foods I shouldn't have as often such as cookies. I like to buy the plain, non-fat yogurt in large containers and add my own chopped fruit to it. This can often stop my craving for ice cream -- or at least cut it down a lot.

Post 3

What I really like to eat for a snack are nuts. I usually carry some with me, so if the hunger strikes, I am prepared. Careful though, they are high in calories. About 200 calories in one ounce (30g).

Occasionally I make peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain slice of bread. One slice only should be enough to stop the hunger in a healthy way. Of course fruit is good. When a small piece of cheese is added to fruit it will slow down the sugar absorption.

Post 2

Some healthy snacks for diabetics would be those that create a balance and don't create a big sugar jolt to the system. For example, while eating a serving of low-fat chocolate pudding as a snack could work well for non-diabetics, it may be too much sugar to eat at once for diabetics. Diabetics would probably be better off having it as a dessert after a meal instead.

Of course, sugar free pudding as a snack could be an option for diabetics. But, healthier balanced options would be low fat cheese and a piece of whole grain toast or some whole grain crackers. Carrot sticks or a few grapes could also work with that.

Since diabetics may need to eat more

often that non-diabetics in order to maintain a more even blood sugar level, planning healthy snacks ahead and having them ready to grab is a great idea.

Leftovers can make great snacks! When you're putting leftover food away, prepare snacks and have them on the ready. For example, a little leftover roast or chicken and some leftover salad can be stuffed into a whole wheat wrap. A little canned tuna or salmon taken out from the lunch you're preparing can be mixed with plain nonfat yogurt and then eaten open face on a slice of whole wheat toast for a snack.

Post 1

I have Type 2 diabetes. What are some healthy snacks for someone with my disease?

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