What are Some Haunted House Ideas?

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Homemade haunted houses are a staple of spooky Halloween fun, particularly popular throughout America. While anyone can make a bowl full of eyeballs from peeled grapes, or get Uncle Joe to jump out at visitors from behind a door, why not try taking things a step further to provide your guests with unexpected fun and scares? Using simple haunted house ideas, you can extend the fun of Halloween for days, and may find a wonderful way to bond with friends and family.

Before a single spider web or cauldron has been placed, try creating a back-story for your haunted house. Maybe you’ve discovered that your home was built on the graveyard of a mischievous warlock, or perhaps a family of tourist ghosts got lost and decided your house was their hotel for the holidays. Have a storytelling night with your co-conspirators, and invent the history behind your haunted house. Write down your spooky tale and hand it out to visitors, so they too can follow the unique story you create.

Be sure to consider your audience when coming up with haunted house ideas. Many children are somewhat hesitant about Halloween to begin with, and frequently respond to sudden scares with frantic, rather than startled, screaming. Remember, not all haunted house ideas need to be scary! Consider basing your haunted house on popular children’s Halloween films, like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! or The Nightmare Before Christmas. Seeing familiar characters may help put younger guests at ease.


Even if you are not using your entire house for the display, be sure to decorate all visible windows. Take dark construction paper and make large cutouts of witches, ghosts and ghouls for windows, placing a lamp behind them for maximum visibility. Consider decorating with Halloween-style Christmas lights in orange, yellow or purple.

To set the atmosphere for your house, purchase or record a spooky soundtrack. Consider using movie soundtracks from suspense or horror films, or look for compilations of scary sounds such as wind, eerie laughter, and werewolf howls. If your house is more geared toward fun than scares, look for classic Halloween songs such as “Monster Mash,” “Werewolves in London,” or “Bad Moon on the Rise”.

Although your house can be as elaborate as you choose, building a haunted house doesn’t need to cost a bundle. Many haunted house ideas are quite simple to carry off and use basic household items. Cover doorways with strips cut from black trash bags or old dark sheets. Stretch out cotton stuffing to make realistic spider webs. You can even cut large cardboard boxes to make additional walls, allowing you to turn a room into a creepy maze.

Haunted house ideas can get quite fancy, but don’t forget the basics of Halloween safety. To prevent fire danger, use Christmas lights or electric candles to light jack-o‘-lanterns instead of real flames. Scatter extra-special candy for guests brave enough to open a vampire's coffin or look inside a mummy’s tomb. The most important of all haunted house ideas is to make sure guests have safe and sane fun. Be sure to have adequate adult supervision and multiple emergency exits, should anyone get a little too overwhelmed by your spectacular haunted house.


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Post 4

Our whole street gets into the act with scary haunted house ideas planned out at least a month in advance. We have some yummy mummies on our street who answer their door on Halloween wrapped in toilet paper from top to bottom.

My family's favorite munchie for Halloween parties are the ground beef or turkey fingers. We shape them into fingers and drizzle them with soy sauce and shredded cheese and a sunflower seed for the fingernail. These fingers are always the first to go!

Post 3

Halloween party ideas are always fun and always a little bit creepy! For my Halloween parties/haunted house I always serve a few scary appetizers.

My kids' favorite is the haunted hands or fingers. We use puff pastry, shape them into hands or fingers. Place an almond at the tip of each finger for the finger nail, throw on some shredded cheese and bake! They are delicious and after all that candy, a little bread and cheese helps everyone calm down a little!

Post 2

Sunshine31- Wow,you really have a lot of Halloween haunted house ideas. I think that haunted house idea for adults can be putting punch in a cauldron, and definitely dimming the lights.

Sound effect tapes also create a scary illusion. These are some of my scary Haunted house theme ideas.

Post 1

Another great haunted house idea for Halloween includes smoke machine that creates smoke when you step on the pedal, and a scary music tape with scary sounds.

If you a lot of young children in the neighborhood you might want to use regular Halloween music like “The Monster Mash” or else they'll get scared.

You can also buy haunted house decorations that include a large cauldron where you can put your Halloween candy in, and decorate your windows with strands of stretched cotton to make it look like spider webs.

Another great haunted house prop idea is to put the fake headstones in your front lawn. These Halloween decorating ideas really help to get everyone in the mood for Halloween festivities.

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