What are Some Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women?

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Where women were once supposed to nearly sequester themselves upon news that they were expecting, the baby bump has become a joyful celebration of life, and we see it everywhere from the boardroom to the red carpet. This is why dressing up for Halloween can be just as fun for women expecting a baby as it is at any other time. There are plenty of Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women that celebrate the baby bump, joke at it, or allow a woman to be whatever she’d like on Halloween.

The first step in choosing a Halloween costume for a pregnant women may be visiting costume stores online and locally. There are now plenty of maternity and plus size outfits to choose from that take the guesswork out of assembling a costume at home. These include things like the notorious “oven,” in which a woman has a baby “bun.” This may be a bit impractical for someone who likes to sit down or take a rest throughout Halloween activities, however. Other premade costumes include the pumpkin (a natural when a woman has readymade curves), plenty of nurses, devils, witches, clowns, angels and a variety of others.


Some women come up with Halloween costume ideas that emphasize the baby bump. Someone with artistic skills and a little time on her hands can dress up the belly in special pregnancy non-toxic paints. It could become a soccer ball, a crystal ball, or one of the various round fruits. There’s no reason why a woman can’t showcase her belly in other costumes. Halloween is a great time for would-be pregnant belly dancers or sedate Buddhas.

Women who want to poke gentle fun at the state of being pregnant may come up with Halloween costume ideas that focus on the unlikely state of being pregnant in certain professions or at certain times in life. Pregnant brides, beauty queens, or nuns, and expectant ninjas, pirates, or superheroes are all fun ideas. Of course, some women would rather not do elaborate dressing up for Halloween, and there are some simple classics that can keep them in their own comfy clothes.

There are some Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women that emphasize comfort. A woman can wear ears and a tail, a simple pair of pants and a shirt, and a few eyeliner whiskers to be just about any animal she like to be for Halloween. She can top her regular outfit with a witchy hat or carry a wand and tell everyone she's a fairy princess in disguise.

Alternately, she throw on her apron, let her hair hang loose and be a domestic goddess — this is a great way for a woman to walk around in her favorite PJs, robe, and slippers for a day. The benefit of Halloween is that there are many different paths to choose in dressing up or down for the day, and pregnancy is not an obstacle in finding something great to wear.


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Post 5

ilovejapan5- I have never seen a major maternity store carry Halloween costumes. To be certain, you can check local maternity stores in early October to see what you can find.

Your best bet is to buy a maternity costume online. There are lots of web sites that specialize in novelty costumes such as maternity costumes. You also have the option of simply purchasing a costume from a local store in a large size. You can also purchase a smaller costume and have it tailored if you are willing to spend the extra money.

Post 4

Does anyone know if major maternity stores found in malls carry cute Halloween costumes?

Post 3

pocurana- I agree with you that a pregnant nun is a comical idea for a Halloween costume. However, make sure that you are careful where you wear the costume. You want to make sure you will not offend anyone, especially if there is a Catholic at a party you are attending.

Post 1

I don't know why, but I've always thought the pregnant nun was the funniest option for pregnant ladies. Not only that, but it's comfortable to wear, especially if you are close to term!

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