What are Some Good Plants to Grow with Children?

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Most children love to help mom and dad with whatever they’re doing at the moment and this extends to gardening or yard work. Children also love to plant things and watch them grow. So what are some good plants to grow with children?

The pleasure of seeing the flowers bloom may be delayed somewhat, but daffodils are great plants to grow with children. They are hardy and not too fussy about where they are planted, as long as they are deep enough and the pointed ends of the bulbs are pointing up. They also bloom reliably, year after year. All a parent needs to do is make sure the holes are at least 6 inches deep.

Small, ornamental gourds are also wonderful plants to grow with children. Gourd seeds are inexpensive and a package of mixed seed will yield many interesting-looking fruits. They are easy to care for and children will be fascinated by seeing the bright orange blooms and the tiny gourds at the base. Every plant will be a surprise as to the kind and color of gourds that will appear, so the variety is an added plus. Children can water their gourd plants and help train them to the fence or trellis where they will grow.


Succulents are also good plants to grow with children. Cacti with soft spines and small aloe plants require only occasional watering and bright sunlight to flourish. When they grow too large for their pots, a child will also gain experience in transplanting them to a newer, bigger pot. Aloe is also a good medicinal plant, which gives parents an opportunity to discuss beneficial plants with their children.

Also in the beneficial plants vein are herbs. These are great plants to grow with children. They can be grown in small pots, and the child will have the satisfaction of seeing (and tasting!) their basil, oregano or marjoram used in dishes served in the home. This opens the door for cooking lessons, as well. Vegetables can also be good plants to grow with children. Tomatoes are especially good since they can be grown in pots and easily tended. Just remember to put a stake in the pot so the tomato can have support.

When thinking about good plants to grow with children, parents need to think about plants that grow reliably. Nothing is more disappointing to a child than planting something that dies before it ever breaks through the soil. Children are also very enthusiastic about caring for their plants, so they need to choose plants that can handle a lot of love. The joy in seeing a child’s delight when their very own plants grow and thrive is worth the parents’ effort.


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Kids' favorite plant is the TickleMe plant because the plant is easy to grow from seeds and moves like crazy when tickled!

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