What are Some Good Jokes for a Best Man Toast?

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When it comes to giving the best man toast, the goal of the best man should be to deliver a speech that is meaningful to the groom and entertaining for the guests. As such, jokes are often an important part of the best man toast, because they can punctuate serious sentiments with lighthearted comic relief, creating a well-balanced speech. Regardless of whether the best man is comedically inclined or a natural public speaker, he can still easily incorporate humor into the best man toast by relaying anecdotes about the groom.

The first thing a best man should do to prepare good jokes for his toast is to jot down any funny observations that come to mind when he thinks about the groom. What was the groom like when they first met? Did he have any funny quirks, such as strange collections, hobbies or habits? Did he have any funny features, such as a mullet, large glasses or tie-dyed clothing? If the best man hasn’t known the groom since childhood, it would be a good idea for him to ask the groom’s family what he was like as a child, and to get a hold of some old photographs or stories from family members. Virtually all stories and photos from the past have comedic potential, and appeal to both young and old alike.


Jokes that relate to the groom’s relationship with the bride from the best man’s perspective are also well-suited to a best man toast. The best man should ask: Was the groom nervous when he first began dating the bride? Did he do anything funny to impress her? How has he changed since he and the bride became a couple? Anecdotes related to the groom’s vulnerability and sensitive side can be both romantic and funny at the same time, and also reveal a different side of the groom that the audience might be unaware of.

As a general rule of thumb, the best man toast should contain little to no references to the groom’s past relationships. Although this scenario is common fodder for TV shows and movies, jokes about the groom’s ex-girlfriend or ex-wife should be avoided – particularly if any of his exes are in attendance at the wedding. One joke which is popular during the best man toast, however, involves audience participation from female guests. Prior to his speech, the best man distributes keys to various female guests. At some point during his toast, the best man confirms that the groom is now “off the market” and asks for all of the “women who have keys to his room” to please come up to the front and return them.


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Post 4

The best man toast should not be a speech. Speeches last much too long and bore everyone to death. The fun of a wedding is in the good times and the jokes, not the long drawn-out testimonials.

Post 3

It is always in bad taste to drop profanity or obscenity in a toast. Instead, pushing the line of propriety just a little bit can be quite droll and will evoke a lot of laughter. If you go too far over the line, however, don't expect a warm reception for your toast. You will have made a wedding very awkward and possibly will be ruining someone's marriage completely.

Post 2


One of the things I loved about my traditional Irish wedding was the fact that the whole thing was filled with good hearted insults. The Irish are a warm people who love to beat each other down for fun and enjoy it. This is truly the result of a society which enjoys being drunk.

Post 1

Insulting the best man can be a lot of fun and cause people to crack up. Just make sure that you let him know you're going to do it in the first place. Also, this trend can vary depending on what kind of culture you are from. If you insult the groom at a Muslim wedding, you may get in big trouble and not make it out of the building.

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