What are Some Good Fundraising Ideas?

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Fundraising can be a fun experience rather than a stressful event. All you need to do is prepare beforehand and choose the right fundraising idea to match the style and goals of the people involved. The typical fundraising ideas generally involve either taking orders for a specific product and then delivering the product, or selling a particular item right on the spot. Baked goods, boxed cookies, and cookie dough are some of the traditional examples, but there is no need to stop there. If the group organizing the fundraising includes some good cooks, consider offering home-cooked meals, pizza bargains, frozen food, or homemade candy. You could even raffle cooking classes or set up a refreshment stand at school or church functions.

Aside from food, other great fundraising ideas include raffles and auctions. This can take the form of live auctions or silent auctions, where people present their bids inside sealed envelopes. If you collect prize donations, you could organize a sealed-envelope sale, in which the name of the prizes are written in small pieces of paper and sealed into envelopes that are then sold. Whatever is written inside, that is what the person gets. This is very popular fundraising idea, since everybody gets something. When it comes to raffles, the options are endless. Prizes can vary from a handmade quilt to a spa gift certificate. The secret to a successful raffle is to obtain the prizes through donations rather than purchasing them.


To turn a fundraising effort into a successful event, always look to your consumers for ideas. For example, if you are targeting families, you could sell Child ID Programs, in which parents can have the chance to register their child, get a special ID and a set of teeth imprints. If you are targeting single young people, go with chocolate or discount to local restaurants or health clubs. If you are in a hurry and need quick and easy fundraising ideas, you can always set up a garage sale, a book fair, or a carwash program. None of these ideas require much planning and all of them can end up turning quite a profit.


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Post 11

Tupperware also offers fundraisers. About 40 percent of the product sold goes towards the cause.

Post 7

If you want a good fundraiser you should do a car wash, can drive, walk dogs, yard sale, coin drop, raffle, auction or a dog wash. --alyssa (age 11)

Post 6

I know another really good fundraiser. It's a company called WeFund Cards! The product that you sell is a discount card (with discounts to restaurants)! You get 90 percent of the profits and they are good for schools, colleges, youth groups, churches, etc. It is almost good for everything. Actually it is great for everything.

Post 4

I know that Candle Impressions does fundraising. They make a personalized catalog and order sheet with a few different flameless candles for your event,

Flameless candles are a pretty cool thing for fundraising -- better than chocolate bars!

Post 3

We've always had great success with discount card fundraisers.

Post 2

Urban Farmer seeds offers a great fundraising opportunity for schools and sports teams. They use recycled magazines to package their garden seeds which is very eco-friendly, let alone the kids sell garden seeds which make it a very eco-friendly fundraiser. For sports teams they offer to purchase uniforms, bats, and other equipment from eastbay. It depends on how many seeds your team sales but my team did it once and it was very easy and worked very well. They also do school fundraisers which their site says can easily raise over $10,000 dollars pretty easily.

Post 1

I am having a silent auction for a non profit and am interested in how folks determine what should be the min. bid (1/2 value?). I am also interested in what the min. increment should be. For example, if an item is worth $25 should bids go up by $1, $2, $5 or if an item is worth $100 same question $1, $2, $5, $10, ?


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