What are Some Good Business Ideas for Teenagers?

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Even if you are still in high school, summer holidays and weekends are a great time to spend making some extra money. There are many ways for a teen to start a profitable business without a major investment and without taking the focus off education and other aspects of everyday life. Here are some business ideas for the entrepreneur teenager:


  • A simple business idea for teens has to do with filling a local need. Anything from lawn services to yard sale helpers to pet sitting can help a teen earn some extra cash without much time investment. A message or delivery service can also work, and running errands for busy people is just as popular.

  • Go online. If you have any computer skills related to web design, put them to good use. You may not be able to compete with the professionals, but that does not mean you cannot offer affordable options to local business who want an online presence. Another great online business idea is to join the eBay revolution. The business model is simple, and once you have found a niche market, you can actually make a good deal of money from your home computer.

  • If you have a special talent, put it to good use. A craft business can be profitable if you can come up with an original idea, but do not discard party planning (kids' birthdays), tutoring (anything from piano to mathematics), and writing for a local newsletter or periodical.

  • Do not discard seasonal ideas: ice-scream stands or beach sales in summer, or ski lessons in winter. Even selling ice can work if you do it around special holidays when people have no time or space in the refrigerator to deal with this. The simplest business ideas can be profitable if approached the right way.
  • Once you come up with a business idea that attracts you, do your research. See if other people seem interested by the prospect and find out who your local competition is. If you are not sure what to do, start small, with friends and family members, and then start expanding as you feel more confident.


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Post 5

I am in a business class and this has helped me with getting business ideas for my business plan.

Post 3

Anon19551- I agree. This was a great article. Teenagers are so creative that if they can successfully operate a small business as a teenager; imagine what they could do after they graduate college. Teenagers that are artistically inclined can create paintings or make jewelry.

The skills developed in this early form of business can offer a substantial head start in the business world when the teenagers graduate from college. Teenagers usually don’t worry about risk which is the main reason why people don’t start businesses that they would like to operate.

Post 2

good tips here!

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