What are Some Good Board Games for Teenagers?

J. Beam

As families struggle to find things to do on a rainy day or a quite night at home, many look to board games as a way to interact and have fun together. It seems that engaging younger children in a board game is considerably easier than retaining a teenager’s attention for an hour or two. However, there are many board games for teenagers that families can turn to.

DVD board games are a great choice for teenagers.
DVD board games are a great choice for teenagers.

Keep in mind that finding board games for teens to play is not much different than finding ones for adults. A teenager’s skill level is advanced enough for most types of board games, with the exception perhaps of trivia games that pose questions about events before their time. However, many modern trivia games are DVD board games and are a great choice for older kids and adults. To choose entertaining DVD board games for teenagers, consider their interests. Shout About Music is one example of the various DVD board games that cater to a specific interest. There are also similar games based on television and movies.

Chess is probably the ultimate classic board game.
Chess is probably the ultimate classic board game.

If you are looking to shut the television off for a night, then consider other types of games. Classic board games such as Monopoly appeal to various ages and can be found featuring modern licensed characters, such as The Simpsons, to further widen their appeal. Another good choice of board games for teenagers includes strategy games. Risk and Axis and Allies are oldies, but goodies, but there are modern versions too, such as Carcassonne, Caylus, and Killer Bunnies, which is a strategy game played only with cards.

Another popular game played only with cards is Apples to Apples. This game is a great party game that teenagers and adults alike will enjoy. It’s basically a word association and comparison game, but players try to cater to the good (or bad) judgment of other players. Of similar popularity is Cranium, a board game that combines a variety of activities that challenge the mind. Its variety of game play helps make it appealing to all different types of players.

When choosing board games for teenagers, catering to their interests and abilities will help ensure that you’ve chosen a game they can enjoy. Though many mass merchandise retailers sell a variety of board games for all ages, consider visiting specialty stores and searching online stores for even larger selections. You might also ask your teenager if they’ve played any good games at friends’ houses. For most families it’s about getting their kids to the table for quality time together, but choosing good games your teenager enjoys will help ensure they’ll return to the table time after time.

Chinese checkers may appeal to people of all ages.
Chinese checkers may appeal to people of all ages.

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Another board game that can be fun for teenagers or young adults is Risk, or any other similar game. Risk involved every player having his or her own army, which then tries to dominate the others and acquire a certain amount of all the land on the map in order to be declared winner. It can take a long time, and might be boring for some, however it can be a lot of fun for people who like strategy games.


Apples to Apples can be fun for pretty much any age group, and there are other varieties for specialty groups that can be fun too. I once played Bible Apples to Apples, which was fun but also probably about as nerdy ad you might expect. It was at a church retreat, though, so that sort of explains why.

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