What are Some Good Board Games for Adults?

J. Beam

Board games are a good source of entertainment for informal get-togethers and parties, but there are also many board games played as hobbies. Different types vary from party games to games that test your strategy and memory skills. While choosing board games for varied ages can be more difficult, choosing board games for adults can be based on individual situations not all games require the use of boards.

Chess, as well as checkers, remains a favorite board game among adults.
Chess, as well as checkers, remains a favorite board game among adults.

Some popular games range from two players to four or more. Obviously, the classics such as checkers and chess still remain favorite two-player board games. If you’re looking for something to play with more than two players, consider some of these other great board games.

DVD board games are a great choice for adults.
DVD board games are a great choice for adults.

Monopoly® is one of the best selling board games of all time. There are several renditions of this classic real estate buy-out game that appeal to everyone from football fans to music lovers. Also ranking high in popularity with adults are Trivial Pursuit® games. There are several varieties of this board game with a range of questions, on a variety of topics from random to specific. Star Wars, music, specific decades, or just hodgepodge trivia are all different varieties.

Other board games for adults that have sold well include Sequence®, a game played with cards, chips, and a board, Balderdash®, a bluffing game played with cards, dice, and a board, and of course DVD board games. DVD board games employ a board and token pieces, but much of the game play is based on questions that are answered by viewing clips from the game’s included DVD. Scene It® is a popular example of the different types of DVD games.

There are numerous other games for adults that are a combination of games. Some popular games like Apples to Apples® uses only cards without a board, but is played more like a board game than a card game. Bunco uses only dice, but remains a popular tabletop game. Other good choices of board games for adults include Scrabble®, Rack-O®, The Game of Scruples®, and Battle of the Sexes. If alcohol is a party factor, there are several games designed to be played as a drinking game.

When you’re selecting board games for your next get-together, consider how many people will be playing, what their interests are, and whether you want to play several short games or one or two long ones. These factors will help you decide which board games to break out and which ones to leave hidden in the closet. For larger-size get-togethers, consider setting up two tables with a variety of different games at each one.

There are several board games for adults that also appeal to teens and older children. Just remember to be responsible about your choices if your gathering includes both.

Most complicated board games may combine multiple board games into one game.
Most complicated board games may combine multiple board games into one game.

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This article seems to be written from a very American casual gamer point of view. This article lists the standard games any big American retailer will carry, but if you really want to find some great games you should visit a local game store. Many of these local stores are owned and operated by people who love to play games and they can make some great recommendations based on your specific interests.

You can also look for stuff yourself online.

A few games I have that my family enjoys are Dominon, Zooloretto, Dixit, Stone Age, 7 Wonders, RA, RA the dice game and Ticket to Ride.


Have you played Game for Fame? really good funny board game, great for a night in with pals, would highly recommend. Or try balderdash. That was great fun also, let me know how you get on.


Fill in the "Bleep" is a cool new game out there. Fun for an adult game night and keeps the laughs going. Found it online.


If you want to enjoy a game that is truly hilarious and gets everybody involved try Quelf. It's so simple. All you have to do is obey the card. there are six different categories within the game, so there's something for everybody.


Much as there are board games geared for parties at which alcohol will be served, there are also games designed for particular groups of adults.

The defining factor of that group can really be anything. I've seen a board game designed specifically for psychological professionals and another for those of an age to be having mid-life crises.


@ArtDefender – It's also worth noting that Risk has different modes of play, so there's an added level of replay value.

But really, don't start a game unless you have multiple consecutive hours to devote to it or a willingness and space to store the board until you can return to the game at a later date.


If you have the time and the inclination I recommend Risk as an excellent board game for the more mature crowd.

Though the outcome of each individual battle is ultimately decided by the roll of dice, to achieve the world domination that is the point of the game you have to possess a great deal of patience, engage in a continual reshaping of strategy, and figure out how to put honest diplomacy and unbridled deceit to best effect.

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