What are Some Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy?

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Pregnancy means certain sacrifices. Among these is giving up some foods that could pose a health risk to you or your developing baby. There are plenty of foods to avoid during pregnancy to minimize risk.

First off, though not technically food, you need to stay away from beer, wine and other types of alcohol. These drinks can have a completely adverse affect on your child, may cause fetal alcohol syndrome, and even in the tiniest amounts can reduce the intelligence of your child. Most doctors recommend that you not drink alcohol at all during your pregnancy. However, some doctors do recommend that you take a glass of wine or beer toward the end of your pregnancy if you are uncomfortable with Braxton-Hicks contractions. Only do this upon doctor’s recommendation and not at any other time.

Other foods to avoid during pregnancy that are actually drinks include water in developing countries. Drink bottled water instead. Also avoid unpasteurized juices, herbal teas (unless approved by a doctor) and keep caffeine consumption from drinks low.


Though fish may be healthy, many types of fish are not considered wise to consume during pregnancy or should be consumed in smaller amounts. Canned tuna, most types of swordfish, mackerel and many types of ocean fish can contain high levels of mercury. Fish caught in lakes or streams may have high levels of bacteria, which can be unsafe too. Check with your doctor about which types of fish you should avoid and what types of fish you can eat in moderation.

Many times there are plenty of foods you can eat, but foods to avoid during pregnancy may be uncooked variants of “eatable” foods. For instance you shouldn’t be eating raw fish or shellfish, or inadequately cooked meats. This is especially true when it comes to things like deli meats and hot dogs. These can contain listeria, which can cause devastating pregnancy loss. Any deli meats and hot dogs should be heated fully, even though they are already cooked, to kill the listeria bacteria.

Some additional foods to avoid during pregnancy include unpasteurized dairy products and most soft cheeses. Even if you crave Brie, stay away from it. Cheeses like Brie and Camembert may contain unsafe levels of listeria, which can put your pregnancy at risk. You can eat soft cheese like American cream cheese safely though.

If you’re unsure what foods to avoid during pregnancy, have a talk with your obstetrician. They may have a list of common types of foods to stay away from. If you or the baby’s father have a family history of food allergies, especially to things like peanut butter, even if you’re not allergic to these yourself, you may want to skip these foods while you’re pregnant. It is suggested by some medical experts that fetal exposure even to things like peanut butter may increase likelihood of the fetus developing food allergies too.


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