What Are Some Famous Mustaches?

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There are quite a few famous mustaches, often associated with particular celebrities, personalities, or fictional characters who have worn facial hair. Actors and other celebrities often become associated with various aspects of their physical appearance, and the mustache is no exception. Some individuals such as Tom Selleck, Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, and Salvador Dali have become so associated with their particular style of facial hair that the use of their mustache can immediately be seen as a reference to the person. There are also a number of famous mustaches that come from fictional characters, such as Yosemite Sam and Super Mario.

Famous mustaches refer to facial hair worn above the upper lip, rather than a full beard, which have become well known. These mustaches are usually associated with a particular individual, either real or fictional, though some popular types of mustaches have become famous as well. Handlebar mustaches, for example, are well-known in their own respect and are usually grown slightly long on the sides and waxed or otherwise styled to turn upward in a curl. Other famous mustaches include the pencil mustache, which is typically quite thin, and the bushy mustache, which is usually very full and thick.


Some famous mustaches are based on the individuals who have most notably worn them, and are usually referred to by the name of the celebrity who popularized the particular style. A Dali mustache, for example, is a type of mustache associated with the surrealist artist Salvador Dali, and is similar to a long handlebar mustache that is typically styled straight up on each side to run along either side of the nose. Tom Selleck’s mustache, especially the one he had during the television series Magnum, P.I., is well-known as a full, well-groomed mustache.

Actor Groucho Marx was often associated with a thick mustache that first consisted of grease paint he had smeared on his upper lip, but he later grew an actual mustache that was similar in appearance. Charlie Chaplin is often associated with a very small mustache at the center of his upper lip, which he wore while portraying his “Little Tramp” character. Some famous mustaches are both well known in general and associated with a particular individual, such as John Waters and his pencil mustache.

There are also some famous mustaches based on the designs of fictional characters, usually cartoon characters. Yosemite Sam, for example, is well known for his very thick and long mustache, which gave him a unique appearance among other characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. The video game character often called Super Mario, or Mario, also has a recognizable bushy mustache, which was created to give his face a more clearly defined appearance in early video games.


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