What are Some Different Types of Sandwiches?

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Sandwiches are popular in today’s culture, since they are easy to make and eat practically anywhere and can be as fancy or as simple as we like. Po-boy, muffuletta, clubhouse, Reuben, grilled, meat, tuna or egg salad — these are just some of the many different types frequently eaten for lunches or light dinners.

Tuna or chopped hard boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise is a classic filling that can be made with low-fat mayonnaise for those watching their intake of saturated fat. Grilled cheese is another popular classic choice, and many different types of breads and fillings can be grilled to make delicious sandwiches. A fancier one can be made with foods such as pears, blue cheese, and French bread. Whether a cook uses an indoor or an outdoor grill, grilled sandwiches accompanied by soup or salad can make a hot and satisfying meal.

The Reuben sandwich is a grilled or toasted variety that is usually made on rye or pumpernickel bread. Thousand Island or Russian dressing and Swiss cheese are almost always added. Corned beef and sauerkraut are its classic fillings, but other deli meats and coleslaw or cabbage can also be used.


Clubhouse, or club, sandwiches are unique in that they have three layers of bread rather than two. They are cut into quarters and the layers are held together with long picks. This variety was first made popular at country clubs and hotels in the United States by the end of the 19th century. The bread is usually toasted and filled with sliced, cooked chicken breast, bacon, tomato slices, and lettuce.

Muffulettas are Italian sandwiches made on round bread. Provolone, salami, ham and an olive salad form the layers between the bottom and top slices of bread. The olive salad is made with olives and seasonings such as garlic, capers and onions. Muffulettas are popular in New Orleans, as are po-boys.

The po-boy, or poor boy, is made on a French baguette. Shrimp or roast beef are very popular fillings, although oysters, ham, or fried catfish po-boys are also quite common. Less expensive fillings include sausage or even French fries and gravy. They were called "poor boys" as they were thought to be filling and low cost enough for people who didn’t have much money.


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Post 19

I absolutely love peanut butter and tomato sandwiches, especially when a big thick slice of beefsteak tomato is used.

Post 18

A good Reuben sandwich is one of my favorites. I don't like corned beef, so use other kinds of meat when I make a Reuben at home.

One restaurant where I eat at a lot uses smoked turkey and coleslaw instead of sauerkraut for their Reuben sandwiches. I almost always order this when I eat there because most restaurants serve a Reuben sandwich with corned beef.

I also like to eat wrap sandwiches and feel like there are many ingredients you can add to wraps for a lot of variety. I don't really know if there are fewer calories in the wrap, but for me, I like this better than bread.

Post 17

Like most kids, my kids love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This always makes a quick and easy lunch. When I eat one, I like to use crunchy peanut butter, but they always like the creamy kind.

Now they sell peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the store that don't have the crust of the bread on them.

I don't know how well these sell, but can understand how they came up with the idea. So many kids don't eat the crust of the sandwich and always leave it on their plate.

Another way I like peanut butter on a sandwich is with banana slices and avocado. When I eat this on whole grain bread, I feel like I am eating a healthy sandwich and getting a lot of protein.

Post 16

I may be odd, but I am not that fond of sandwiches. I can handle a hot sandwich much easier than I can a cold one.

I find it amazing about the man who lost all that weight eating Subway sandwiches every day for almost a year. Even though they have a lot of choices, I would get so sick of eating sandwiches.

I do enjoy eating BLT sandwiches in the summer when we have fresh tomatoes. I don't usually order these at a restaurant though. I like my bacon fried very crisp and like to use fresh tomatoes and lettuce from my garden.

That is about the only time a cold sandwich sounds good to me.

Post 15

My husband works construction and most days takes a lunch to work. He doesn't have any way of heating something up, so most days he has some type of sandwich in his lunch.

Even though there is a huge variety of sandwiches, it is hard to come up with different ways to eat a cold sandwich every day.

I try to vary the meat such as one week I will make turkey sandwiches and the next week I will make ham and cheese.

Because he has a sandwich almost every day of the work week, that is the last thing he wants to eat on the weekend or when we go to a restaurant.

Post 14

I love seafood sandwiches. It doesn't matter whether the filling is regular fish or shellfish, as long as tartar sauce is included.

I really like fried crawfish poboys from a local restaurant. They put shredded lettuce and tartar sauce inside the ciabata bread with the crawfish. The seasoned breading on the crawfish gives the sandwich its signature flavor.

I had a blackened grouper sandwich from a fish market that is no longer in business, and it was awesome. It was perfectly spicy without being too hot, and the tartar sauce cooled it even more. There was so much flavor in that sandwich, and I miss that fish market.

Post 13

@lighth0se33 – Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches do sound gross. I've never tried one, and I probably never will.

My mother has a favorite sandwich that I find odd. She loves eating pineapple and cheese on white bread. She uses the single slices of cheese made to go on sandwiches and canned sweetened pineapple.

As a kid, I loved putting potato chips in my sandwiches. They were really good on top of ham, but sometimes, I ate them with just bread.

I tried eating a potato chip sandwich again just last week, but it has lost its appeal. I suppose my taste buds have changed.

Post 12

Has anyone here ever tried a peanut butter and pickle sandwich? I met someone last year who used to eat them in his childhood all the time, and he still enjoys them occasionally.

He convinced me to try one, and I must admit, it wasn't as gross as I thought it would be. However, I probably wouldn't make one unless there were no other sandwich ingredients in the house.

I would like to hear about some other weird sandwich combinations that other people love. I think it is interesting to discover that things you never would assume would taste good together actually do.

Post 11

My husband and I like to make philly steak sandwiches. Of course, they are actually called philly cheesesteak sandwiches, but since I leave the cheese off of mine, I shorten the name.

We buy a certain cut of steak that has been thinly sliced and loosened so that it will fall apart as we cook it. We melt butter in the pan before adding the steak, and then we cook it with bell peppers and onions. We season the meat with minced garlic for extra flavor.

I like to use sub rolls for the bread. They are long and narrow, and you can fit a good bit of meat in them. I fill mine with the steak, bell peppers, and onions, and my husband just puts meat and cheese on his, but we both love our philly steak subs.

Post 9

The cooked chicken breast sounds nice!

Post 7

@100655: Focaccia is an italian flatbread.

Post 6

what is pocasia or pocachia sandwich?

Post 5

I need to know three different types of sandwiches for school.

Post 1

i love sandwiches!!:)

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