What are Some Different Types of Hammers?

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Hammers are important tools that are used to drive nails or tacks and break objects apart. There are many different types of hammers and all serve a unique purpose. They can vary in their structure, size, and the material of which they are made. In general, all hammers have a head and a handle. The weight of the hammer is located in the head of the hammer.

A claw hammer is one of the most common types of hammers. The handle is relatively long and the head intersects the handle at the top. One end of the head has a flat section, perfect for driving nails. The other end of the head curves and forms a v-shaped split claw, perfect for removing nails from a surface. Because it has a slight curve, it is easier to gently rock the head of the hammer and get leverage when removing the nail.


A framing hammer is perfect from framing a house. It usually has a heavy head, long handle, and a milled face that allow it to drive long nails into lumber with ease. Sometimes a framing hammer will have a portion of the head that is magnetized. Thus, the nail can be driven into the wood quickly and only uses one hand to do so. It has a straight claw that can rip apart lumber and extract nails. It must be mentioned that nail guns are often used instead of framing hammers when building homes these days.

A geology, or an archaeological hammer, is used for geological or archaeology purposes. It is often used to extract rock to determine its mineralogy and composition and for breaking apart rocks in search of fossils and archaeological remains. Because of the delicate nature of its use, the geologist or archaeologist’s hammer is usually flat at one end of the head and has a pick or chisel at the other end of the head.

An upholstery hammer, or a tack hammer, is typically lightweight with a narrow head. It is used to attach fabric to the frames of furniture with tacks. With the increase of cheaper, less quality furniture, many companies have switched from the use of upholstery hammers to staple guns.

A ball-peen hammer is used most commonly in metal work. The head has a round ball or hemisphere at each end. It is most commonly used to peen welded metal, to expand copper roves, and to shape and set rivets. It is perfect for chiseling, as well. It is usually classified according to the weight of the head.

A sledgehammer has a large head that is usually designed of metal. Because it is so large, it is able to apply great force to a large area. The head can weigh over six pounds (2.7 kg) and the handle can be over three feet (.92 m) long. It usually takes two hands to heave the sledgehammer and swing it into the object. A sledgehammer is most commonly used for construction work and police work, such as knocking down drywall, brick walls, or barricaded doors. They can also be used to drive a fence post into the land.


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@rundocuri- You should try looking for geology hammers at hobby shops. This type of store typically carries items that are used for almost any type of hobby and are not sold at other stores.

In some areas, especially in larger cities, there are shops that cater to rock hounds. If you can locate this type of store, you should be able to find a geology hammer there. Even if you have to travel to get to a rock shop, it will be worth it if you are serious about rocks and rock collecting.

Post 1

I like to study rocks, and have been thinking about getting a geology hammer for my hobby. However, I have been having a hard time finding one in basic hardware and home improvement stores. Does anyone know the best place to look for this type of hammer? I thought about ordering one online, but I would prefer to see it in person before I buy it.

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