What are Some Different Types of Dining Tables?

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Dining tables are usually considered one of the essential pieces of furniture within any home. Just as the dimensions and d├ęcor of homes will vary, the materials, design, and size of dining tables cover a wide range of options. Here are a few examples of the different types of dining tables you may consider for your home.

At one time, the dining room table was considered to be a formal piece of furniture and invariably was constructed using some type of hard wood. Options such as oak were often among the top choices, with pine sometimes used when there was a desire to have a slightly more rustic feel. Over time, dining tables also came to be constructed of cherry wood, pecan, and a number of other woods. Even today, the majority of dining tables use some type of base wood covered by a veneer that mimics the appearance of a more attractive wood grain.

However, wood is not the only material of choice for dining tables today. Glass and marble are sometimes used for the table top, while mixtures of wood, chrome, or steel form the legs or base that supports the top. There are seven some dining tables today that are constructed of thick resin material that resists scratching and provide a level of stability that is very close to that of a heavy wood dining table.


Along with the choice of materials, dining tables also come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The square table and rectangular table are two of the more common options for the dining room table, but other shapes may be preferable for smaller spaces such as a dining nook in a great room or tucked away in one corner of an apartment living room. A round table that will comfortably seat four to six people is a great option when space is somewhat limited. To further maximize the use of the space, going with a pedestal table is a good option. In fact, many of the round dining tables are constructed as pedestal tables, eliminating the need to arrange the seating in a manner that avoids the table legs.

Drop leaf and tab tables are excellent options when there is the need to accommodate larger dining parties for special events such as a holiday meal. With drop leaf tables, the leaves are designed to fold to the sides of the table when not in use, but can be raised to create a larger dining table surface when needed. Another option is a design that allows the leaves to slide under the main section of the tabletop. These can simply be slid outward and upward to lock into place and expand the top when necessary.

Tables that are equipped with a tab or insert are also popular options. With this design the table is actually divided into two sections. The sections can be slid apart to allow the insertion of the tab in the middle of the table. The tab can easily be stored in a closet when not required, and pulled out for use with a great deal of ease. This option is one of the most common ways to expand dining tables for special events, such as a buffet or a formal sit down dinner.

Choosing the right table for your home involves understanding what will work well within the space in terms of design and size. Dining tables that are too large for the space will create a feeling of being closed in and make the room uncomfortable. By the same token, dining tables that are too small or the wrong shape for the room will give the space a sense of being unfinished and will also fail to create an inviting environment. Choose the table based on the shape, design, and size that will be pleasant to the eye, work with the elements of the space, and make your dining room feel inviting to family members and guests alike.


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Glass dining tables can add a certain amount of sophistication and class to your home that other table choices just cannot match. This is why this table style is becoming more and more popular every year.

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