What are Some Different Types of Cribs?

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There are many different types of cribs to choose for your new baby. The one thing that you should consider above all else is the safety of the crib, not its design. If you plan to purchase a used crib, make sure the crib is only a few years old. Don’t bring out cribs from when you were a baby, as these may not have the same safety features, like recommended width between bars, that the modern crib possesses. Check with crib safety guides to make sure a used crib conforms to current safety standards.

The different types of cribs that are available will help conform to most nursery needs. If you’d like to avoid replacing the crib with a bed in a few years, you may want to look at a convertible crib. These have the ability to transform later into toddler beds, and then into daybed type beds

Types of cribs that are convertible mean your child will be able to keep his/ her crib or bed for years to come. This can be a plus because some children are really attached to their beds. It can be a significant mourning period when the crib or bed must be replaced to accommodate a growing child. Disadvantage of these cribs include upfront expense. They can easily cost over $500 US Dollars (USD).


If you have minimal space to place a crib, you may want to look at the different types of cribs that are called portables. Portables are usually smaller than standard cribs though this does mean baby will need a replacement bed sooner. They are less expensive, slightly less than or over $100 US Dollars (USD) and they can be excellent if you travel a lot because you can fold them up and pack them easily.

Some people prefer style to portability and enjoy different types of cribs that are round or that feature canopies. Canopy cribs are much like standard rectangular cribs, but they do have an overhead canopy. You’ll have to buy canopy covers for the top frame, and some people are concerned about dust that can be trapped in the canopy. You can avoid this to a degree by making sure to change the canopy regularly.

The round crib has become greatly popular in recent years, and they could be called the luxury beds of the baby world. Most cost about $1000 USD or considerably more. Bedding is typically more expensive too. Though these are attractive cribs, you will pay for the privilege of owning one.

Lastly, of the different types of cribs, the most popular remains the standard rectangular crib. This is the simple crib with which many people are familiar. There can be variation in features, types of wood used, and various small design elements. Rectangular cribs tend to be available in the largest selection and price range, and simple bedding for these cribs tends to be easiest to find and moderate in price.


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