What are Some Different Types of Blogs?

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The term “blogs” is a shortened form of "web logs." The casual term is used because the medium tends to be less formal than traditional sources of news and information. There are several different types of blogs from those of the personal diary type to those intended to offer the public more information, or more accurate information, than that made available by typical news outlets. Professional journalists and businesses also use certain types of blogs as well.

The diary types of blogs were how blogs got their start. This casual, stream of consciousness writing detailing various aspects of one’s life has become to the Internet what reality shows are to television. Many people enjoy taking a peek into someone else’s life.

The “new media” is a term used to describe certain types of blogs that expose inaccurate or dishonest reporting as well as inadvertent omissions by mainstream media sources. In the United States, Little Green Footballs is a good example. The owner, Charles Johnson, is credited with exposing the scandal now referred to as “Rathergate,” which used documents that were shown to be forged in an attempt to discredit President Bush regarding his military service.


Johnson also exposed photographer Adnan Hajj, who was contracted by Reuters, after blatantly altered photos were submitted published by this photographer during the Lebanon-Israeli conflict. LGF and other types of blogs were quick to investigate other photographs by Hajj, exposing many that appear to be dubious and intentionally altered to make things look worse. Reuters later removed nearly 1,000 photographs and no longer accepts work by Hajj.

There are also those types of blogs that are politically motivated and attempt to offer a conservative voice, believing that many mainstream media sources show a liberal bias. There are left-leaning blogs as well. The authors of these web logs are able to give information to the public without sugar coating, without being especially objective, and without worrying about politically correct niceties. In other cases, there are types of blogs may not be partisan at all but simply want to offer the public other options for obtaining news.

While many types of blogs are often frowned upon or seen as unprofessional by many members of mainstream media outlets, there are in fact some reporters who also write blogs. Instead of being limited by column space, they can link to a blog in a story, and readers can visit that page for more details. A journalist can also offer his or her perspective, or add his or her opinion in a blog, which is not professional conduct in an actual report.


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Post 4

Crispety-They were so cute. I also like to see gif blogs.

Gif blogs really use animation in order to make the site look more appealing. Gif is a type of file that is usually scanned in that format before its downloaded.

I also think that blogs blogging about politics would be the most interesting, but I would hate to get all of those negative responses from people that did not agree with me.

I like the Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingram blogs. I also sometimes check the Drudge Report blog just to see what people are talking about.

Post 3

Cafe41-We should really accept all of our differences and know that everyone’s point of reference is not the same.

People’s beliefs are often shaped by their experiences and no two people in the world can say that they have live the same life.

I agree with you. I never try to change someone’s mind it is really not my place.

I just wanted to add that my daughter loves the Hello Kitty blogs. They also talk about new products and people always give their feedback if they have tried the product. They showed some Hello Kitty cake designs that I had never seen before.

Post 2

Suntan12-I know that many at Fox News have their own blogs in order to expand on certain segments in the show that they could not discuss in depth.

Sometimes these discussions will revolve around a survey question that everyone wants to know the results for. It is often a discussion of a current event that might have a bit of controversy.

Sometimes blogs get heated especially when the discussions revolve around politics or religion. In this case, people are set in their beliefs and may never be able to change their mind.

The problem is when one person tries to change another person’s mind regarding an issue. That is when the conversations get nasty.

Post 1

There are many kinds of blogs. Blogs really are topical in nature and tend to discuss a conversation between the blogger and the reader.

This used to be a media for people to voice their opinions on current events, however some blogs have become well known in their own right. For example, Arianna Huffington’s blog, the Huffington Post talks about political issues with a progressive slant.

People that read her daily posts and those that write for her are aware of the inherent bias. Blogs can also be an extension of a television segment or feature a television personality to bring in viewers.

Blogs like television programs often make money from its web advertisements. So big names often bring in big numbers in terms of advertising revenue and readership.

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