What are Some Different Styles of Women's Underwear?

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There are many different styles of women's underwear, or panties, available today. Fabrics and styles vary widely, so it's easy to find something for each type of personality, comfort level and clothing style. Bikini, thong, brief and boy short are some of the most popular styles of women's underwear.

Bikinis are often high cut on the leg with a fairly narrow band of fabric on the sides. String bikinis have very thin side bands. The bikini style of underwear is often good for wearing under low rise pants.

Thongs are much like string bikinis without the fabric on the back. Instead they have just one center back string. The thong style helps avoid panty lines. G-strings may have even less coverage than thongs if the front area is just lace. G-string types may be part of lingerie sets that are considered quite sexy such as those with a short lacy nightgown.

Briefs are the traditional type of women's underwear. They have a fairly high rise and fit low on the leg. These are often called by the slang term granny panties as they are associated with the earlier conservative styles of ladies underwear. This style may even fit higher at the waist than the belly button. Proper fit is important in this style or they may sag too much.


Boy shorts fit like a tighter version of briefs but are longer at the thighs. They are like tight shorts that are cut straight across at the legs. Boy shorts can be worn as summer pajama bottoms with a camisole or tank top. Swim suit bottoms are also available in the boy short style. Since boy shorts are often much lower at the waist than briefs, they are usually suitable for wearing under low rise pants and skirts.

Cotton is still very popular as a fabric for women's underwear. Many women wear cotton panties on a daily basis. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon are also used for women's underwear, especially for lace and fancier styles. Silk underwear is a luxurious and natural alternative to synthetic silky fabrics.


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Post 5

Seems like us gals are usually in either one camp or the other when it comes to cotton panties/lingerie. I for one land squarely in the non-cotton camp myself! Of course I have a few pairs of cotton panties but except for maybe a couple times a year, cotton panties never slide over these buns!

Guess I'm a little more "girly" when it comes to my panties and lingerie in general but I'm almost 100 percent a satin, silk, nylon, and sometimes even mesh panties and lingerie kind of girl. I think they are just as comfortable, if not more so than cotton, tend to fit me better, and look more sexy or cute than cotton. I just like to

know that even if I have to wear a toned down business type outfit or even just a pair of jeans, at least I can always have on something that looks more feminine and makes me feel sexy. Even if no one else gets to see them that day besides me!
Post 3

SurfNturf- I just wanted to say that when I was pregnant, I used maternity underwear most of the time, but I actually preferred boxer’s underwear, especially toward my last trimester.

I found them to be very roomy and comfortable.

Post 2

Bhutan- I just wanted to say that I like lace underwear. It is pretty but should be hand-washed due to the fact that the fabric is delicate.

Post 1

I just wanted to add that many women like the comfort of cotton briefs particularly Fruit of the Loom underwear.

Hanes also offers a good selection of cotton briefs. I usually buy hanes girls underwear for my daughter in multiple colors.

Cotton usually stretches and is softer than most other fabrics.

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