What are Some Different Kinds of Toasters?

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Toasters are one of the most common and practical small appliances for the kitchen. There are several different kinds of toasters that range in size, functionality, and style. In addition to toasters, there are also toaster ovens, which are more versatile appliances than regular toasters. Toasters are essential for making toasted bagels, pastries, and of course toast, but toaster ovens can do all that plus bake small items that won’t fit into a regular toaster.

The primary features that vary most with different kinds of toasters are size and control settings. Most typical household toasters are either two slots or four, the difference being how many pieces of bread will fit in the toaster at one time. Wide-mouth toasters have slots that are big enough to accommodate bagels and other breads that are larger than a typical slice of bread.

Additionally, different kinds of toasters have different control settings that may include frozen and pastry settings that allow items to be toasted for longer periods of time. Other features such as color, style and design, cord retraction and storage, and digital or analog controls will also vary with different kinds of toasters, but pertain more to appearance and ease of use rather than performance.


Commercial and industrial toasters also vary in size and functionality. Some are designed to double as a toaster oven or to keep toasted breads hot without further toasting. Other commercial toasters feature a built in conveyor that allows the toaster to make a couple hundred slices of toast in an hour. Just as with household use, the different kinds of toasters designed for commercial use vary and selection is based upon need.

While most people prefer a regular toaster for its space-saving size, some people prefer to use a toaster oven since it is an appliance that both toasts and bakes and some can even broil. Though there are many kinds of toasters, most people use the standard two-slot, pop-up toaster for normal household use.


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