What are Some Different Kinds of Drills?

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Whether on a production floor or around the home, drills help to provide valuable assistance in the creation and repair of a number of different products. Drills are one of the most commonly used power tools, with many different models accommodating a wide range of drill bits. Over the years, a number of different types of drills have been developed for various commercial and home uses.

As a hand tool, there are a number of manual drills that are still in common use. These the bow drill, the gimlet drill, and the breast drill. Both the bow and the gimlet drills are handy for a number of different applications. The breast drill is sometimes referred to as an eggbeater drill, owing to the action used in the drilling process. A pin chuck is a precise drill that is formulated for use in detail work by jewelers.

A hammer drill is very similar to the standard electric drills that are used around the house. The difference is that the drilling action is achieved with the use of a hammering action. When needed, it is possible to set the hammer drill to a more traditional setting, making the device multi-purpose.


Many standard household drills are now available as cordless drills. These drills use standard drill bit sets and work in the same manner as any of the core drills or rotating drills. Powered by a set of rechargeable batteries, there are cordless varieties of just about any type of hand drill, even the specialized hammer drill.

Industrial drills are common in all sorts of manufacturing environments. Unlike home drills, industrial drills are often large pieces of machinery that are capable of handling specific jobs. The drill press is often employed in the modification of machine parts, as well as major woodworking production. A geared head drill can provide a continual process of drilling as part of an assembly line style of production. Milling machine drills make use of a belt driven drill press that allow for a simultaneous locking and cutting action.

Drills can cost anywhere from a few dollars for a simple to use home drill to thousands of dollars for an industrial product. There is a drill for just about every type of application, as well as many drills that can be used for several different types of projects.


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