What are Some Different Kinds of Canapés?

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While some people think that canapés have to be elaborate appetizers that are served at elegant dinner parties, the fact is that the basic canapé can be very casual. Just about anyone can prepare canapés that are ideal for different occasions. Here are some examples of different types of canapés that are easy to make and can be used for all sorts of events.

For beginners, it is best to start out with something very simple. A basic canapé recipe will make good use of items that are typically in the kitchen. For example, the foundation for the canapé can be a round butter flavored cracker, or even a square saltine cracker. Next, add a small slice of cheese. If you feel festive, use grated cheese instead. Finally, add a slice of pepperoni.

Make as many of these three part canapés as you like, then slip them into the oven for a couple of moments, to allow the cheese to melt and the bread and pepperoni to warm. While these are not necessarily ideal canapés for a formal evening, they are ideal if you are having friends over for an afternoon of watching sports.


Canapé recipes for something else that is simple but a little more formal are just as easy to work with. For example, begin with a round cracker topped with cream cheese. In this scenario, you could easily add fruit, such as pineapple or a cherry. To vary the program a little, you could use small sections of toasted bread instead of a cracker. The middle ingredient could be a simple chicken pate, topped off with some sort of garnish for a hint of color, such as one section of a grape tomato. Canapés that may be served cold are real time savers, and can look quite elegant.

Unfortunately, some people associate the serving of canapés with high society and think that only certain types of foods are worthy of being combined to form a proper canapé. The reality is that a canapé simply requires a combination of three elements that form a base, middle, and top layer. From there, the success of the canapés will rest simply on how tasty the combination trio happens to be, and how visually appealing the canapés turn out. It doesn’t matter if they are prepared for a casual evening at home, or for distribution at a formal reception. As long as the canapé recipe tastes and looks good, it will fill the bill.

Canapé recipes that will fit any occasion can be found in many cookbooks, as well as online. If you can’t find a combination that you like, then think about the types of foods your family enjoys and come up with canapé recipes that will demonstrate that canapés are meant to be fun and enjoyable for everyone.


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