What are Some Different Interior Design Concepts?

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The process of interior design calls for the use of a few basic concepts in any situation. These essential interior design concepts make it possible to create a unified feel to any room, allowing the space to become both attractive as well as comfortable and inviting. By considering each of these concepts in turn, and how they relate to one another, it is possible for anyone with a good eye to come up with interior designs that are sure to please.

Perhaps the most basic of all interior design concepts has to do with color. Whether the goal is to create a room that is reflective of a given era, or to simply design a room using a variety of eclectic furnishings, color is the underlying concept that will give the space a sense of unity. Interior design examples of color often make use of at least one primary color, a secondary color, and two or three incidental colors to round out the range for the space. These colors can be captured as solids, patterns, or any combination that the designer believes will bring harmony to the room.


Along with choosing colors that create an attractive scheme, there is also the matter of scale. This is one of the interior design concepts that many amateurs do not consider, preventing the space from being truly welcoming and attractive. Furniture and accessories that are too large for the space will only make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable. At the same time, pieces that are too small make a space feel somewhat cold and uninviting, even if the color scheme is inviting.

With color and scale considered, there is also the matter of style. While many people are wary of mixing and matching odd pieces, the fact is that an eclectic mix can be one of the most important interior design concepts anyone can master. The ability to include elements that at first seem at odds with one another can help create a room that has a sense of history, with its collection of much loved pieces gathered over the years. A room that is created using this concept will often entice people to enter the space and relax, since the mood is often informal and encourages a feeling of being at home.

Another of the most important interior design concepts is the floor plan for the space. Even if all the pieces are within proper scale, the color scheme is ideal, and the style of the pieces have the potential to blend well together, the room can still be a failure if everything is not positioned to best advantage. By taking the time to place the major elements in the room, it is much easier to decide how to use accessories that enhance rather than obscure the final look, and help make the room into a space where people want to gather and relax.

Employing these basic interior design concepts is something every professional interior designer considers almost automatically. Even amateur decorators can learn how to give due consideration to each of these concepts, and come up with a room design that is very likely to please. Regardless of whether there is an ample budget to work with, or if the goal is to simply make use of what is already on hand, employing these concepts will greatly increase the chances of creating a room that is both attractive and inviting.


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Post 2

You're right, Glasis. the do-it-yourself craze is great. However, many amateurs get a little overconfident and eventually regret taking on bigger projects, like whole home remodels, on their own.

A good rule of thumb to consider is whether you own all of the equipment necessary for a given project and whether you would have to spend just about as much on equipment and supplies than you would in hiring a contractor to do the work.

Also keep in mind, contractors can often buy supplies at wholesale prices and will usually be willing to work with clients to cut costs as much as possible.

If you are looking for resale value, spending the extra money may be the best way to go.

Post 1

Budget is certainly a major factor in deciding on interior ideas or interior home decor.

Those who want an entirely new look and feel for their living space and have an unlimited budget may want to hire an interior designer and either leave the whole process to that person or participate in choosing colors, furniture and other aspects.

However, do-it-yourself television programs and networks are more and more popular all the time and have convinced many of us that we can learn to do simple to moderate decorating and renovations ourselves and save ourselves the costs of pricey contractors.

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