What are Some Different Father's Day Gift Ideas?

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Okay, Dad has probably received enough Father's Day neckties, socks, and hankies to last him for many years to come, so this year give him a Father's Day gift that he will really enjoy. If Dad likes sports, think about buying him tickets to a sporting event featuring his favorite team. If he's an action movie buff, buy him a great flick on DVD. If he doesn't yet have a DVD player, there's another Father's Day gift idea.

Think about things your dad enjoys when you're shopping for a Father's Day gift. If he loves music, consider picking up a CD or a collection by his favorite artist. Is he into racing? He might like a model car to build, especially if you spend some time helping him put it together. A digital camera is also a great choice, and Dad will have fun taking tons of pictures of his children or grandchildren.

Maybe Dad is into computer games. See if you can find an expansion set or a later version of his favorite title. Speaking of computers, maybe Dad's system could use a little updating. Fix him up this Father's Day by replacing parts, adding memory, or buying him some great software.


Power tools make good Father's Day gifts. It doesn't even matter if your dad already has a garage full of them. There is always some new tool or gadget that will make his life easier or is simply fun to use. You'll find that many power tools are on sale around Father's Day.

While you're at the home improvement center looking at tools, consider picking up a gift certificate. Dad can then choose his own Father's Day gift. He'll probably enjoy wandering the aisles and finding the perfect item as much as he'll enjoy using it.

Another great idea is a massage. Check with salons, spas, and chiropractic offices in your area, or near your dad's home or place of business, to see if they employ a professional masseuse or massage therapist. Most offer gift certificates for half an hour to an hour. What dad wouldn't love a great massage for Father's Day?


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Post 2

Millhouse- That is a great idea. I think spending time together is really the best gift. Taking your dad to a terrific restaurant that serves his favorite food is also a nice touch.

There might be a new restaurant in town that he has always wanted to visit but never got a chance to. I think the gifts should be things that your father may want instead of a gift that is practical.

It should be memorable, so I usually shy away from giving gift cards even though many people love them.

Post 1

If you live near your dad, a round of golf or taking him out to lunch or dinner is a nice gift since it'll allow you to spend some time together too!

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