What are Some Dessert Ideas for Diabetics?

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People who suffer from diabetes must make many changes in their lives, especially when it comes to diet. Many foods must be limited or eliminated altogether. This includes those that contain sugar or certain types of carbohydrates that quickly turn into glucose. High glucose levels can be dangerous, so diabetics must also test their blood sugar frequently. Diabetic desserts and other special foods can be helpful.

Desserts are generally the first item removed from the diet. This can lead to a feeling of deprivation. However, there are some diabetic desserts available. Some of the simplest to make and least expensive are sugar free gelatins and puddings. There are many flavors of these desserts offered, and they can be found in any supermarket.

Many diabetic desserts are made with fruit. Fruit salads made from a combination of different types of fresh fruit are one example. Another option is sliced fruit with a small amount of whipped topping. Whipped toppings are also available in “lite” formulas, which can be added to sugar free Jell-O or pudding as well.

When it comes to canned fruits as options for diabetic desserts, the best choices are those packed in natural juices with no sugar added. A person with diabetes can eat them alone, eat them with whipped topping, or add them to special low sugar cake mixes.


Most grocery stores have sections that include foods made particularly for special types of diets. This is a good place to find a variety of diabetic desserts including low glucose candies. Also, check the freezer section at your market for desserts. There are many different types of frozen treats such as sugar free ice pops, fudge pops, ice cream, and sherbets.

Recipes for diabetic desserts can be found in many cookbooks and online. You can follow recipes precisely or use them as inspiration to create other desserts for diabetics. Using a cookbook is a good way to learn how to use other ingredients in place of sugar and how to convert particular amounts of products like Splenda or other sugar substitutes to replace sugar in standard recipes.

Remember that just because something is labeled low sugar, that does not mean it can be eaten in large quantities. It is best to continue limiting desserts. Check with your health care provider to learn which types of substitutions he or she recommends.


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Post 3

Another great diabetic dessert recipe includes a recipe for a chocolate banana dessert. For a chocolate banana dessert, you add a container of sugar-free chocolate pudding combined with plain yogurt and a tablespoon of lime juice mixed in the blender.

You put the contents into a container and add low-fat Cool Whip on along the top add the sliced bananas at the edges.

You then can chill the diabetic chocolate dessert for about 30 minutes and then serve. You won't be able to tell that it's sugar-free because it tastes so good.

Post 2

A great diabetic diet dessert includes some of the desserts in the South Beach diet cookbook. There is one dessert that mirrors the taste of cheesecake without the sugar.

This is an easy diabetic dessert that anyone can make. First you take a cup of ricotta cheese and mix it with a halfof a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Next, you combine a tablespoon of Splenda. You mix the three ingredients together and you have a delicious diabetic dessert that tastes just like cheesecake with out the sugar.

This is a dessert recipe that is used during stage one of the South Beach diet, which is the most restrictive phase. Since the South Beach diet is a low glycemic diet, it is actually ideal for diabetics.

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