What are Some Classic Board Games?

Jessica Ellis

Board games are a great way to pass the time and spend a fun evening. They are great for kids, but wonderful for adult game nights as well. Although hundreds of board games have been made over the years, a few stand out as clear examples of great entertainment that can be enjoyed by anyone. These classic board games, though some were initially intended for children, are well worth revisiting as adults and may bring a surprising amount of old-fashioned fun to a leisurely day.

Dominoes is a classic board game.
Dominoes is a classic board game.

For games that rely on luck rather than skill, few classic board games can compare to Candyland®, the lazy frolic through a landscape so delicious you will be tempted to lick the board. This simple racing game depends on card drawing to advance game pieces, and travels through a magical world filled with delicious sweets. Candyland® was originally released in 1949, and has remained popular ever since. Although the characters and board have been altered several times over the years, the draw of marching through the gumdrop mountains or past the land of ice cream floats remains irresistible both for children and adults.

Classic board games can be fun, entertaining, and a learning experience.
Classic board games can be fun, entertaining, and a learning experience.

Some classic board games can be a test of your word skills. Scrabble®, the word-building game, is played both for fun and at high competition levels. The game is available in more than 20 languages, and is sold in 121 countries around the globe. Testing your spelling and vocabulary may sound about as fun as taking a final exam, but Scrabble® fans know that the game can be competitive, exciting, and at times, hilarious.

Chess is a classic and ancient board game.
Chess is a classic and ancient board game.

If you have a mind more inclined to general knowledge than to vocabulary, Trivial Pursuit® will no doubt catch your fancy. Since 1982, versions of this game have been taunting players with tantalizing questions and causing massive, though usually good-natured, arguments over trivia. Trivial Pursuit® is a fantastic game for a party, and should be played with as many people as possible for maximum enjoyment. Various versions are available, including several meant for younger players.

For master strategists, no other classic board games can compare to the ancient and brutal game of chess. Developed in India thousands of years ago, chess is in many ways the parent of all board games. Teaching children chess is an excellent way to develop their strategic minds and teach them about etiquette and good game manners. The ancient tradition of the game makes an incredible study, and the quiet battles of the chessboard continue to go down in history as grand master-ranked players fight their wars to the death.

Classic board games can be fun, entertaining, and a learning experience. They can bring families together or enliven a party. Truly great games usually dissolve into helpless laughter or extremely raucous fights about whether a hasty drawing looks like a rabbit or a seagull. Most board games are priced between $10-$30 US Dollars (USD) and can be found at toy stores, online or even in some general stores. They are often well worth the price of the entertainment, and can turn a good evening into a delightful event.

Some gaming pieces like dice, can be re-purposed for use in playing multiple board games.
Some gaming pieces like dice, can be re-purposed for use in playing multiple board games.

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Candy land was one of my favorite board games when I was a child. I remember gum drop land and the princess and the gum drop king and the villain that dressed in licorice. It always made me hungry and I always had a craving for candy and cup cakes.

One of my other favorite board games is mouse trap, which is not mentioned here. I think it was a very important board game in the history of the topic. It has moving parts that you constructed and operated in a domino finishing effect.

And do you remember Operation? It was a surgery game where the guys nose would light up and buzz if you picked his body parts wrong. You used a tiny set of tweezers and stuck it in tiny spaces avoiding touching the edges. The object was to pick the body part out without touching at all. It used to scare me when it buzzed. I would jump 10 feet into the air. Those were the good old days.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of board games I could checkout? I'm an absolute board game fanatic!

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