What are Some Christmas Crafts?

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When people decorate for Christmas, some prefer to buy pre-made decorations, while others prefer to make their own. Christmas crafts may be elaborate, or simple enough for the entire family to make. Family Christmas crafts are probably the most popular, and these are often made from common household items.

Drums are easy Christmas crafts. The crafter cuts a cardboard toilet paper roll in half. He or she then covers then ends in felt in circles of the desired color. The sides are then covered in felt as well. The felt is glued on to the roll. Narrow decorative braid or rick-rack is used to hide the seams. A loop of braid makes the ornament hanger and crossed toothpicks can be glued on top for drum sticks.

Also in the easy Christmas crafts category are fabric lollipops. The crafter cuts squares of Christmas-print calico or other fabric into three-inch squares with pinking shears. Polyester fiberfill is then put in the middle of the square. The ends are drawn up and secured loosely with thread. A lollipop stick is inserted into the opening, and the fabric is tightly secured with decorative braid, with a loop left for hanging on the tree.


Christmas crafts can also be baked. Salt dough ornaments are popular, as are cinnabar men. A mixture of cinnamon, cloves, sugar and flour is formed into gingerbread man shapes and baked. A paper clip poked through the head before baking will leave a hole through which a ribbon can be pulled for a hanger. The same is true for salt dough ornaments, which are sprayed with shellac after baking, to preserve them.

Peppermint candies also make great Christmas crafts. The crafter simply unwraps six peppermint candies and glues them together, edge to edge, in a circle, creating a wreath. When the glue dries, the crafter sprays the candy wreath with shellac and ties on ribbon or braid to hang it.

An easy garland can be made from the old-fashioned method of stringing popcorn and cranberries on heavy-duty sewing thread. Paper chain garlands are easy, too. The crafter simply cuts strips of construction paper about four inches (10 centimeters long and 1 1/2 inches (4 centimeters) wide. He or she makes interlocking loops with the strips until the garland is of the desired length.

The Internet is full of Christmas crafts suitable for all ages. A search will reveal thousands of ideas good for every taste and every budget.


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