What are Some Benefits of Milk?

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Due to its high fat content, milk has been given a difficult time over the years. Drinking whole milk on a regular basis isn't a healthy decision any more than eating a diet high in fat. Milk became more desirable among health-conscious people once manufacturers discovered the ability to eliminate the fat content.

The negative effects from drinking whole milk were eliminated altogether by expelling the fat. People then became interested in drinking skim milk and milk containing only 1% or 2% fat. Milk is a highly nutritious food when the fat is put aside, and the benefits of milk for one's health are numerous.

One of the great benefits of milk is that it works toward preventing osteoporosis, strokes and high blood pressure. Milk also produces a substance that reduces the liver's production of cholesterol. While fruits and vegetables have been the staple in most diets for fighting cancer, the benefits of milk can be a cancer-fighting one too. Studies have shown that most skim milk drinkers have less chance of having cancers develop in their bodies.

Milk is high in calcium and Vitamin D. Calcium helps build strong bones, but it cannot be absorbed into the bones to strengthen them without the presence of Vitamin D. In previous studies, an abundance of calcium has been proven to reduce blood pressure, and higher levels of calcium have aided in weight loss.


Milk contains a large amount of protein, which is essential for proper nutrition. Protein gives a person energy and helps them feel fuller longer, aiding in weight loss. Drinking milk on a regular basis may also help reduce the risk of kidney stones. It clears sugar substances from the mouth when drunk and works against fighting tooth decay. Milk also builds stronger teeth by remineralizing tooth enamel.

Further studies have shown that women who drink milk as teenagers and young adults have stronger bones during menopause. Milk is good for the brain, lowering the risk of strokes. Scientists have not been able to figure out why it may help in fighting off strokes, other than the many nutrients it contains might work together as a protecting shield.

To gain the fullest benefits of milk, one should make sure it is stored properly. Milk should always be bought in a carton or opaque plastic container. Translucent plastic containers allow light in, destroying valuable, nutritious content.


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Post 8

I am 55 years old and have consumed milk nearly daily since early childhood. While I exercise and try to eat right, I differ little in those respects from my close peers other than consuming gallons of milk. I am healthier, stronger, and with fewer medical issues than most of them. If milk is the toxic poison claimed by alarmist sites, by all rights, I should have long been dead.

Post 6

But I think this is so not true! Take it from me. I was probably the biggest milk lover and drinker in the world, until this. just look up "milk and mucus" or "PETA and milk" it's really bad!

Post 4

Sneakers41- I heard that too about chocolate. I have to say the healthiest milk for children has to be breast milk.

The benefits of breast milk are many. Children who are breast-fed have a better developed immune systems and are shown to have higher IQs and cognitive abilities.

Although formula tries to mirror the compounds found in breast milk is not the same. Pediatricians usually recommend breast-feeding children for the first six months of life.

Post 3

Suntan12- I love milk and milk-based products. I really love milk chocolate. The benefits of milk chocolate include the release of rich antioxidants into the system which make you look and feel younger. Also, antioxidants protect the heart and fight cancer.

In addition, milk chocolate also releases a chemical into the body that is similar to a chemical that is released when we are happy. Scientists believe that eating milk chocolate can actually create the same feeling of happiness in people.

Post 2

Oasis11- I've tried soy milk before. I like the flavored soy milk like the vanilla or chocolate, but I prefer fat free milk.

The benefits of fat-free milk are great. It contains a high amount of calcium and vitamin D which is necessary in order for bones to absorb the calcium. It is also low in fat and calories which makes it an ideal choice for both children and adults.

I usually use skim milk in my coffee instead of using creamer.

Post 1

The benefits of soy milk include an increase in protein and fiber. Some servings of soy milk have up to 6 grams of fiber per serving. The fiber really helps to keep you satisfied longer so you tend to eat less.

Also, soy milk contains isoflavones which is a natural compound that is very much like the hormone estrogen. Studies have shown that the isoflavones reduce the risk of cancer.

The only drawback to soy milk is that it contains 25% less calcium than regular milk.

But soy milk’s cancer fighting properties and high fiber make this a good choice for most people.

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