What are Some Benefits of Buying Clothing Secondhand?

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Buying clothing secondhand has many benefits. It's environmentally friendly as clothes get used rather than being thrown away. Also, charities can run secondhand clothing stores and make money from the sale of the clothes to help others. Buying secondhand clothing also gives the consumer an opportunity to discover great clothes for a very low price.

Many people who are into buying clothing secondhand love the idea that you never know what you'll find at secondhand clothing stores. Sometimes you might not find anything in your size that you like, while other times you might find many items that are absolutely perfect for you. It can be great fun to discover something that you both need and like to wear for a low price, especially if you're on a tight budget.

Some secondhand clothing shoppers look for basic items such as blue jeans and plain sweaters, while other people do the opposite and look for one of a kind accent pieces. Of course some people buying clothing secondhand just look for whatever clothing pieces they like that fit them.


Buying clothing secondhand can be especially beneficial for families on a budget. Kids grow fast and sometimes grow out of their clothing before it's worn out. Most secondhand stores tend to get a lot of children's clothes donated so there is a lot to choose from. Even just buying secondhand outfits for play clothes can save wear and tear on school clothes. Sometimes, you can even find cute party and dress-up outfits for kids at secondhand stores.

High-end clothing for both adults and children is sometimes donated to secondhand stores. You can check out stores near upscale neighborhoods for new donations regularly and you may find designer pieces for next to nothing. Some stores sell designer clothing for higher prices than other clothing, however.

If you like buying clothes secondhand, you should also consider donating clothing you're no longer using as it helps keep it out of the landfills. A few items from one person's closet doesn't seem like much, but if many people recycled their clothing it would have a large impact on the amount of rubbish that ends up at land fills. Some recycling centers take clothing that is too worn, ripped or stained to sell in secondhand stores.


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Post 2

@Bhutan - I think that consignment shops are great places that sell used clothing. I lot of these stores specialize in children’s clothing which is great because kids outgrow outfits so fast that it can be really expensive if you always buy new clothing.

It is also a good business to start because it is easy to get used clothing. Some people set up consignment shops online and sell their clothing on auction sites while others have a more prominent storefront location in key parts of town.

I had a friend of mine that looked into to buying bulk used clothing from liquidators which included clothing that was returned to the stores but otherwise was in good condition.

With this type of order you really have to have a good amount of capital because a bundle of clothing can cost thousands of dollars so if you are starting out, this might not be as cost effective.

Post 1

There are a lot of stores that actually sell designer vintage clothing at great prices. People really love to go to these stores because they save hundreds of dollars on expensive designer clothing because it is used clothing.

I think that in these stores you can find unique clothing that was once in style and now it is making a comeback. Some of these stores are even buying used clothes from their own customer base. If the clothing is in good condition you can also get money for some of your used clothes.

I think it is a great business idea because it gives you a chance to find something fashionable at a really cheap price. It is also really fun. Every time I go to New York I always set aside some time to go to these stores and it really feels like a treasure hunt.

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