What are Some Backyard Landscape Ideas?

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No matter the size or shape of a backyard, there are ways to landscape the area so that it is both visually appealing as well as functional. This includes everything from the small backyards that are common with garden homes to the rolling terrain that is often found with country homes and large estates.

One approach to innovative backyard landscape ideas involves adding form and function to a yard with the use of a second level. Having one area that is higher than the remainder of the space can enhance even a small yard. This can be achieved in several ways. One approach calls for adding a sitting area that is raised, possibly by using natural building materials to create a natural platform. Adding shrubbery to help define the area, as well as using natural materials to create a path to this upraised sitting area will add to the visual interest, while also keeping the yard easy to maintain.


For people who want an attractive space, but are not interested in spending a lot of time with yard work, some beneficial backyard landscape ideas include rock formations incorporated with easy to maintain plants, such as a selection of cactus plants. This can be especially effective when combined with a patio area that includes a swimming pool. The plants and rock formations can be situated around the fence line, creating an attractive backdrop for the pool. The backyard will not require mowing or hedge trimming, but still provide a pleasant and restful atmosphere.

Decks are also excellent options for many backyards. Decks with one to three levels help to maximize the space, since the levels make use of the vertical as well as the horizontal dimensions of the backyard. The decks can incorporate natural elements of the yard, such as graceful trees. Purposing each level can also add to the charm, such as configuring one level for outdoor cooking, one for socializing, and one as a quiet retreat for reading.

A novel example of effective backyard landscape ideas involves the creation of a sunken patio as part of the landscaping. This approach can be utilized as a means of repurposing an old in-ground swimming pool that is no longer considered desirable. By adding design elements to the pool like steps, a couple of different levels, and a collection of potted plants and trees, the space becomes both attractive and very useful, without the expense of having the pool filled in.

Backyard landscape ideas of all types can be adapted to fit individual needs. A good rule of thumb is to make use of materials that are easily obtained in a particular area. This will often help to keep the costs for redesigning a landscape within reason, as well as help the space to fit neatly into the surrounding terrain.


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