What are Some Back to School Gifts?

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Back to school time may not rank among many kids’ favorite moments of the year, but a few thoughtful gifts can turn their groans into enthusiasm for the return. As a rule, back to school gifts should be as enjoyable as they are practical. Catering to a child’s likes and interests will only increase his or her excitement to begin using the new item. The gift ideas below aim to help children confidently approach their fresh start in school.

A new alarm clock is a great way to ring in the school year. Kids’ alarm clocks are available in lots of interesting styles, colors, and shapes. Choose one that best fits the child’s needs, helping him or her to wake up quickly and in a positive mood. For example, some children will prefer an alarm clock that plays a song, says a wake-up message, or rolls right off the nightstand. As back to school gifts, fun alarm clocks help make the transition from summertime to schooltime a bit less painful.

A piece of clothing, shoes, or hair accessories also make excellent gifts for back to school. You might pick an item that your child showed interest in during back to school shopping but that didn’t fall into the essentials category. Kids also love to have their own wallets. Storing lunch and snack money and a school ID card, new wallets are practical back to school gifts.


Even standard school supplies delight children when they have strong visual appeal. Stock a box with items featuring bright colors and patterns that the child likes. Include paper clips, pencils, a stapler and staples, pens, scissors, book socks, a pencil sharpener, sticky notes, and a good eraser. For a creative presentation, place these back to school gifts in a new lunch tote or a storage box for the child’s work station.

Personalized stickers make great homemade school gift ideas. On your computer, create a variety of designs using pictures and words, including the child’s name or different school subjects. Print them onto sticker paper, cut them out, and tie in a bundle. Kids can proudly use the gift to label their school books, folders, instrument case, and lunch bags.

Back to school gifts can also be used to instill positive habits in children. Present kids with a dry erase calendar to hang in their room or over their homework spot. Encourage them to routinely record assignments, projects, and after-school activities. Kids will build organization and time-management skills that are essential as they head back to school. Or try educational gifts that promote growth in areas where a child is naturally talented. For example, a kid-friendly thesaurus makes a great gift for children who love to write, and a good calculator is a worthwhile investment for kids who excel at math.

Help your child start the new academic year right. Fun, handpicked back to school gifts will encourage kids to welcome the school year, which is a meaningful gift in itself.


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Post 3

You can't go wrong with giving gift certificates for students who are going back to school. You can get one that is age-appropriate, and you will have many options depending on where the student in your life likes to shop.

If you aren't sure what the student would like to buy, you can always give a department store debit card as a gift. This opens up the possibilities of what he or she will be able to buy with the card. Shopping with a debit card will also make the student feel grown up and independent.

Post 2

A purse with a long strap is a great gift for a young lady who is heading back to school. She will be able to carry a lot of her supplies in it, and toss it over her shoulder so her arms are fee to carry her books. Girls also love the fashion statement that is made by carrying a purse.

Post 1

When it comes to older kids like high school students, you can't beat money as a back to school gift. The student will be able to use the money to get the exact supplies or clothing that he or she needs to get the school year off to a good start.

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