What are Some Alternatives to Shaving my Legs?

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Many women use electric or disposable razors to shave their legs. There are other hair removal methods for legs, however. You can consider some alternatives such as depilatories, waxing, laser hair removal and electrolysis.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal are two alternatives to shaving that are not done by you. Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method done by an electrologist. Each hair follicle is destroyed so that hair cannot grow. Laser hair removal is not usually as permanent as electrolysis. The lasers reduce hair growth by inserting light pulses into the hair follicle. Both electrolysis and laser hair removal treatments can be used on most parts of the body and face and both methods usually require several sessions.

You will probably find that waxing is one of the most painful alternatives to shaving your legs. Waxing is not permanent, but does reduce the amount of hair growth over time. Waxing is often faster than depilatory lotions as you usually remove the wax directly after applying it.


Depilatory lotions are one of the most popular shaving alternatives. You usually have to wait before removing the depilatory lotion, and you may find depilatory alternatives to shaving your legs very messy as well. Some depilatories may be too harsh for sensitive skin. Time between uses varies, but some women report that the depilatory lotions allow them one to two weeks between uses. Roll-on products are also available in addition to using your hands to apply depilatory lotion.

A body mitten is another one of the alternatives to shaving your legs. It removes hair as well as dead skin on legs and arms. A body mitten is usually used with circular movements to remove hair. Azulene oil can be smoothed into skin for softening after using body mitten and is included in some of kits.


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my legs itch real bad after shaving.

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Does leg shaving cause any coarsening of the hair that re-grows?

Moderator's reply: interesting question! check out our article, does shaved hair grow back coarser? for more information.

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