What are Some Activities on a Cruise?

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One of the great things about taking a cruise is that you have the chance to get away from everything associated with your usual routine and enjoy yourself. Family style cruises usually have something that will attract the attention of every member of the family, regardless of gender or age. Here are some examples of activities on a cruise that are sure to delight both adults and children.

Water activities on a cruise ship are very common. Generally, there is at least one swimming pool, and often up to three different swimming areas. Adults can enjoy one area, with teenagers free to mingle, splash and sunbathe around a second. An area set up for younger children is usually available as well, with lifeguards and supervision available at each of the three areas. Parents get to spend some time with other adults, teenagers can enjoy themselves away from parental eyes, and youngsters can splash and play to their heart’s content.


Taking in a movie or a live show is another example of activities on a cruise. Cruise ships normally have at least a couple of movie theaters. Some of the film selections will appeal more to adults, while other selections will be more appropriate for teenagers or young children. The variety of movies offered during the cruise is usually sufficient to attract passengers of every age at one time or another. Just like the movie theater at home, cruise ship movie theaters and clubs usually have plenty of snacks to enjoy, and often feature seating that is less cramped and more comfortable than many landside multiplexes.

Gaming arcades are also a common example of activities on a cruise these days. Many adults, as well as teenagers and children, can find arcade games that they can enjoy for hours on end. Most of the arcades are found near the theaters, allowing family members to spread out and enjoy an evening of gaming, movies, or live entertainment without having to move around a great deal.

Not all cruise activities are about doing something. Sometimes, the passenger wants to simply lay back and do nothing. After all, cruises are meant for taking it easy as well. For anyone who wants to just get some sun or read a book, most cruise lines make sure there are all sorts of nooks and crannies where this type of cruise entertainment can be enjoyed. Enjoying a nap while curled up in a comfortable deck chair, then waking up to take in any of the planned activities on a cruise, is all part of the fun.


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