What are Solar Gates?

Norma Jean Howland

Solar gates are gates that open automatically using energy supplied by the sun. These gates usually operate the same way that electronic gate openers do, by remote control, keypad or sensors. Instead of relying on electricity to power them, these gate openers use the power generated by solar panels. These solar-powered gate openers can be used for driveway gates or walk through gates and may be found on most gate styles from swinging types to sliding gates. Most solar gates are powered by a battery that is charged from a solar panel, or panels, depending on how many times the unit is used each day.

Solar gates are controlled by the sun's energy, which is collected with solar panels.
Solar gates are controlled by the sun's energy, which is collected with solar panels.

A security gate with an automatic gate opener using solar energy may be a practical choice in a remote area miles from a traditional power supply source. Instead of running electrical wires to the area, solar panels are installed to harness the energy from the sun. The number of panels that are needed may vary, depending on how many times a day the gates are opened and closed. Also, since different parts of the world get different amounts of solar radiation, this will affect how many panels are needed to operate these gates.

Usually solar panels are mounted near the gate openers, on either wood or steel posts. They can be mounted in different ways, depending on what look is desired. If a user wants to proudly display their panels, they can be mounted in a high profile spot, in either portrait or landscape orientation. Sometimes they are found nearer to the ground where they can almost go unnoticed. It all depends on the homeowner’s taste and style. Often those who are living green are proud of their solar gates and may want to showcase the panels.

As to style, solar gates can use many different types of gate openers which have both practical and ornamental fencing options. These openers are sometimes used on intricate wooden and wrought-iron gates or chain-link and tube gates. Since this kind of gate opener usually can be operated from within the comfort of a vehicle by wireless remote, it may appeal to those who prefer ease of entry. Yet, this kind of fencing option also appeals to farmers and ranchers, since it can be a way to install a gate far from an electrical source, allowing for easy transport of farm vehicles or livestock.

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